5 Natural Stress Relief Supplements to Reduce Stress

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Whether you have just had some heated conversation with your nagging senior or have broken up with your girlfriend, the very first thing it results in is stress. While the common causes and instances of stress are quite manageable, it is a totally different thing to deal with long term stress.

Such stress can greatly affect an individual. However, it is advisable to use several home remedies that also act as natural stress relief supplements. Here are some of them:

Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm

Because of its excellent composition and effects it can be said that lemon balm is one of the ideal natural stress relief supplements. On several studies on volunteers it is being found that Lemon balm can effectively result in the peace o mind and it can also helps in feeling of high spirits. As a result the person stars feeling optimistic enough to ward off the stress. The best thing is that the calmness and peace of mind that result from the sue of lemon balm can last more than 5 hours if taken in right quanity.1700 milligrams is the ideal quantity recommended for the best effects of the lemon balm.


Passion Flower

Passion flower is also known to reduce the stress levels that are caused by certain drugs and thus it is one of the high performance natural stress relief supplements. It contains several active elements that are known to act upon various kinds of general anxiety levels. However, as the herbs are known for their acute effect on human body, the safety of the passionflower is still needed to be assures. An intake of 40-45 drops has found to be safe and effective in controlling general stress as well as the stress cause by certain drugs. However as the safe dose of the herb is still not clear, it is best to avoid high doses and start from the minimum possible dose like 10 drops to ascertain its effects on an individual’s body.

Asian Ginseng

Asian Ginseng

Asian Ginseng is also known to effectively stimulate certain parts of the brain that result in the positive feeling of well-being. It also helps in instantly calming the brain and its soothing effect is long lasting. SO it is widely used as anti depressant. No wonder it is the main ingredient in many branded energy drinks as it is one of the natural stress relief supplements.

Holy Basil

Holy Basil

Widely found in India, this type of basil is not only holy but is also healthy. For several millenniums the holy basil is known for its positive effects on body and is used as medicinal herb. According to ayurvedic scriptures that are the ancient medical books of Hindus, the holy basil is known you act on the base causes of stress and reduce the stress levels dramatically. Apart from its role as an anti depressant the holy basil is also known to work upon cholesterol and blood glucose levels. Holy basil is also known for its positive effects on headaches arising out of stress. For the best results one can take an adequate quantity of holy basil infusion that is available in pharmacy shops.


Ashwagandha is known for a long time to work effectively upon mood swings and helps t balance the mind. It heals the brain to focus better. It actually gives an emotional uplift to the bran and acts directly upon effects of stress on the Ashwagandhabrain. It is found to be extremely useful in fighting the jumbled state of mind.



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