Are your dietary habits responsible for your chances of suffering from the risk of Diabetes

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risk of DiabetesAlike high blood pressure and cholesterol affecting all most 87% of the world population; diabetes is another one in the series giving life threats to the patients suffering from it. This is a health problem arising due to the body’s inability in producing adequate amount of insulin required for fighting those harmful fats. Insulin plays the most vital role of moving the glucose from the blood to the body cell ensuring its proper functioning for the body needs.

Common causes of Diabetes

Diabetes is mainly known as a hereditary disease but there are certain other causes which induce in its growth. They include excess intake of carbohydrates like chocolates, sugary products, rice, resistance or deficiency of insulin, high blood pressure, cholesterol, over stressed life schedule, skipping meals or excess intake of foods and lack of exercise or body functioning. It is obvious that a patient of diabetes is suffering from nay or at least 2 of these mentioned causes.

Understanding the symptoms

Diabetes brings along with it certain symptoms that are capable enough for breaking down your immune system and lowering your physical stamina. The commonly observed symptoms in a diabetic patients include increased thirst, frequent urination, increased appetite, abnormal weight loss in those suffering from type 1 diabetes whereas the reverse i.e. weight gain and obesity in those suffering from type 2 diabetes, decreasing number of platelets and healing power, infection, reproduction problem and erectile problem in men. Some complicated stances may be observed where chances of atherosclerosis, heart problem, vision problem, kidney failure, and nervous problem leading to paralysis are also witnessed.

Cut down those fatty foods form your diet

Diabetes has been spreading it’s almost across the world like epidemic. Tough the disease is grasping its hold at a faster rate yet their still prevail chances of preventing and controlling its risk and effects. The most important of the remedies is diet. Diet is always regarded as the best medicine to control diabetes. Diabetes as it generally sounds it not all related to giving up sugar entirely. You can enjoy that blend of sugar in your life if you keep pace with certain dietary habits. The preliminary steps deal with the reduction in the consumption of fatty foods that helps you in putting on weight almost turning you obese. Make sure to cut down those foods like sugary beverages and processed foods as they contain calories harmful for diabetic patients.

Bid bye to alcohol consumption

Maintain a balance in consumption of carbs i.e. foods containing carbohydrates. Lessen the consumption of refined carbohydrates like white bread, white rice, and pasta and adhere to the intake of brown rice, wheat, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, yams, whole-grain bread and low-sugar high fiber cereals. Remember that your lifestyle can also turn out responsible for your health and diabetes growth. Cut down your alcohol consumption including that of beer and wine as they can interfere with the insulin and medication you take for controlling the diabetes level. However of all these, you can continue with healthy fats because they perform the dual function of providing the required energy to your body as well as serve as the best medicine to control diabetes as well.


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