Divya Amalaki Rasayan – Multipurpose Herbal Remedy

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Divya Amlaki RasayanAmalaki Rasayan, the wonderful ayurvedic formulation works wonders in giving instant relief from hair problems heart disorders and weakened immunity.

What is Amalaki Rasayana?

Amlki Rasayan is prepared by mixing various organic ingredients in apt proportions. The chief amongst them is Amla. It is known to be enriched with vitamin C. It helps to promote ojas and the reproductive fluids. Amlki Rasayan helps in treating ulcers and hyperacidity. It is an unparalleled chronic constipation treatment. It is considered to be at the top in the list of natural constipation relief remedies.

This unique formulation is useful for the human eyes. Those suffering from weak vision must try it. It helps to enhance the eyesight in a big way. Diseases related with one’s hair are also got rid of with its use. Those suffering high level of LDL and cholesterol must try it. This medicine is useful in managing appetite. It helps to strengthen immune system.

Why is Amalaki Rasayana important for the body?

Amla and its juice present in this wonderful remedy work wonders and provide energy to the body. All the parts of the physique are strengthened in a big way with its even use. Contents of vitamin C in Amalki Rasayan make this product all the more popular. Its demand is on continuous rise throughout the world. Those suffering from deficiency of vitamins and minerals musts try this rasayana. This product helps in developing mental and physical health by keeping it quite healthy. Those intending to get rejuvenated must try it. It acts like a strong booster for the immune system and helps in fighting various diseases. Those suffering from weakened memory must use this rasayana that works wonders. Amalki Rasayana acts like a strong energy agent and fights the old age and its ill effects. It is useful in increasing hemoglobin levels.

What are the active Ingredients?

The major ingredients of Amalki Rasayana are Amla choorna processed with amla juice.

How to use?

One or two tablespoons twice a day. It may be taken empty stomach.


This unique medicinal formulation helps in improving one’s vitality and vigor to great extent. Best results can be obtained by mixing this rasayana with aloe vera juice concentrate. Drinking it daily provides power and rejuvenation to the body. Sick and weak people may take the mixture on daily basis for excellent results.

This unique rasayana can work wonders in providing good taste rather than taking other cold drinks that sometimes put side effects.


This medicinal product helps as under:

  • It acts like a strong rejuvenator for the body.
  • All tissues of the physique get nourished in even manners with its regular use.It helps in accelerating the cell regeneration process.
  • It acts like a strong cleanser for detoxifying the blood and plasma.
  • The nourishing qualities of this formulation are helpful in energizing the body and mind.
  • Natural vitality is possible with its even use.
  • A strong source of vitamin C, this Rasayana works wonders in fighting various diseases. It boosts the immune system to great extent.
  • It acts like a strong antioxidant.
  • This product helps in building the ojas – the finest essence of the digestive process that is helpful in sustaining mental, physical, sensual, emotional and spiritual powers.
  • This rasayana is useful in energizing the brain.
  • It is useful for enhancing memory power in a big way.
  • It acts like a strong energy agent.
  • Those suffering from skin problems must try it.
  • Natural luster of the skin is possible with its even use.
  • It acts like a strong energizer for the eyes. Those suffering from poor eye sight must use it.
  • Hair problems are managed with its use. Those challenged with loss of hair or its poor color must use it. It helps to say NO to premature graying of hair.
  • Pitta dosha is also managed with its even use. It helps in cooling down the mind, body and emotions.
  • Those suffering from stress and inner weakness musts try it.
  • Patients affected with stomach acid due to any problem must make use of this rasyana.
  • Urinary tract problems are also managed in effective manners with this wonderful formulation.
  • Women suffering from menstruation problems must try this rasayana that works wonders in curing them.
  • Reproductive health is maintained in even manners.
  • Those suffering from physical and mental weakness may try this rasayana. It acts like a strong energy agent.
  • It rejuvenates the body and the mind in equal manners.
  • Symptoms of serious diseases including cancer etc are also killed with its regular use.
  • Those suffering from extra weight must try it. It fights fat in effective manners.
  • It acts like a strong booster for the metabolism process.
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