Divya Churna – An Excellent Gastrointestinal Stimulant

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divya churnaDivya Churna is one among the best ayurvedic remedies that are meant to keep your digestive system in normal and most optimal working order. It helps in getting rid of numerous digestive ailments so that users may be able to enjoy good health in all respects.

What is Divya Churna?

Divya Churna for indigestion and constipation remedies is a wonderful herbal product. It has been very carefully prepared from some of the selected herbs and hence totally organic in nature. It is in fact one of the best known natural remedies to cure constipation. It helps in normalizing and optimizing various functions relevant to the digestive system. It may be used to get rid of chronic bloating. It is an apt product for such people who are prone to suffer from digestive issues frequently. It helps in treatment and prevention of flatulence, gaseousness, acidity, heartburn etc. in the most excellent manner possible. It may be used on regular basis without experiencing any side-effects or harmful effects on the stomach or any other parts or organs of the body.

How is Divya Churna important for digestive system?

Presence of herbs such as dry ginger, saunth, mishreya, krishan-bija etc. make it an amazing cure for digestive issues of varying natures and degrees. All these herbal ingredients are being used since times unknown to keep digestive system in normal and proper working order. Various digestive disorders that may be caused due to intake of wrong food choices are treated in a very effective way with the use of Divya Churna. It is because problem of indigestion is cured very well. It helps in complete digestion of all the foods consumed by the body. The reason is herbal components contained in this remedy help in secretion of enzymes and other digestive issues in requisite amounts. This in turn ensures normal digestion process. Hence users are saved against numerous digestive ailments automatically. Stomach infections may also be treated and prevented with the use of this top-rate ayurvedic product.

Why is Divya Churna preferable option?

Divya Churna stands distinct among other herbal products or medicines available in the market. It is owing to presence of some of the most excellent herbal ingredients present in this herbal preparation. No harmful components are used in the preparation of this herbal product. Hence it is absolutely safe for the users in all respects. It is free of any chemicals or other toxic agents. It means this product is non-toxic in nature. It doesn’t cause any harm to the digestive system or even other body parts and organs. Also it can be availed at reasonable prices from any of the Patanjali stores.

What are the constituting agents?

Divya Churna has been prepared from an amalgamation of wonderful herbal components. The chief elements of this herbal product are Rose Flower, Dry ginger, Rock-salt, Leaves of Svarna-patri, Jangha Haritaki,Krishna-bija and Mishreya as well as Saunth. All these are useful for the stomach in their individual ways.

How to use?

To get rid of constipation and other digestive ailments, it is advised to take a teaspoon of Divya Churna with warm water at bed time. It keeps your stomach free of any diseases or disorders.

How long does a pack last?

A pack of Divya Churna may last for a month or more depending upon the numbers of users and corresponding usage.

Chief uses

Divya Churna is useful for the digestive system as well as the entire body in multiple ways as given below.

  • It is one of the best known remedies for constipation. It helps in clearance of wastes, toxins and other chemicals from the digestive system in a natural manner.
  • It helps in regularizing and normalizing the bowel evacuation process.
  • It offers effective relief from the problem of acidity, hyperacidity, heartburn and indigestion.
  • The digestive enzymes and juices are stimulated for their normal and most optimal functions with the use of this herbal preparation.
  • It helps in managing the problem of indigestion in an effective way. It helps in complete digestion of all the foods consumed by the body so that the problem of indigestion and the associated discomforts may be prevented altogether.
  • It acts as a very good colon cleanser for the body. Hence wastes and other harmful chemicals are not allowed to accumulate in the stomach with the use of this herbal preparation.
  • It is an effective gastrointestinal tonic that helps in keeping your stomach nurtured with the essential nutrients.
  • It aids in bringing about normal and healthy peristalsis movement.
  • Abdominal pain, flatulence, stomach heaviness etc. are all relieved in an effective way using Divya Churna.
  • It acts as an excellent carminative and hence soothes down the stomach.

Divya Churna is an excellent herbal remedy that ensures overall well-being of the stomach and the entire body. It is in fact a natural way of keeping your stomach in good health.

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