Divya Madhukalp Vati- An Effective Blood Sugar Controller

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Divya Madhukalp VatiDivya Madhukalp Vati is one among the best ways to stimulate pancreatic beta cells for normal insulin secretion. It makes up for insulin deficiency so as to control diabetes naturally

What is Divya Madhukalp Vati?

Divya Madhukalp Vati for diabetes control is an unbeatable product for diabetes control and management. The basic meaning of ‘Madhu’ is sugar and ‘alp’ means low. Hence Madhukalp means one that aids in lowering down the blood sugar or glucose level in the body. The patients suffering from diabetes or high blood sugar may use this amazing herbal formula so as to keep a check over blood sugar. It helps in oxidation of glucose or sugar so that the same may be converted into energy for utilization by the body for various purposes. It lowers the diabetes risk factors considerable. It also helps in boosting immune system with food. Hence it saves body against infectious diseases. It also helps in preventing loss of weight due to lack of proper nutrients in the body.

Why Divya Madhukalp Vati is considered to be better option?

As the name suggests, Divya Madhukalp Vati is an herbal product or remedy from the Patanjali or Divya pharmacy of Baba Ramdev Ji. Like all other products or medicines from this store, Divya Madhukalp Vati is also based on purely ayurvedic principles. It is considered to be better option due to following reasons.

  • Absolutely organic origin
  • Safety of use
  • Freedom from chemicals or harmful ingredients
  • Freedom from side-effects on overall body healthy
  • Assured efficacy of the product
  • Fast action
  • Effective outcomes
  • Long lasting relief from diabetes

Why is Divya Madhukalp Vati important for diabetic patients?

As mentioned above, Divya Madhukalp Vati has been prepared from wonderful blend of herbs or such other components that are found in abundance in the Mother Nature. These herbs are being used since ancient times in the ayurvedic medicine world to keep a check over high blood sugar. Also these herbs are efficient in relieving your body of the various symptoms that accompany this health issue. The herbs present in this amazing remedy help in combating the adverse effect produced due to high blood sugar on the entire body. It helps in promoting overall well-being in a natural and safe way without causing any side-effects on the body.

What are the major components of Divya Madhukalp Vati?

Divya Madhukalp Vati is rich in multitude of herbal or natural components. The major active constituents of this herbal preparation are as follows.

  • Amrita (Giloy)
  • Kirata Tiktaka (Chirayata)
  • Gudamara
  • Jambu (black berry)
  • Karavellaka (bitter gourd)
  • Katuki
  • Nimb (Margosa)
  • Fruit of Babbula
  • Krishna Jiraka
  • Ativisha (pungent variety)
  • Kutaja
  • Kalamegha
  • Ashwagandha
  • Gokshura
  • Karcura
  • Haridra (Curcuma)
  • Bilva
  • Adventitious roots of Vata, Methika, etc.
  • Shilajit Triphala (a collective name for Haritaki, Bibhitaki and Amalakl)

All these are used in their powdered form.

How to use?

To control excessively high blood sugar it is advised to take 1-2 tablets of Divya Madhukalp Vati two times in a day. It may be taken before or after meals as per one’s choice. It is best to take it with lukewarm milk or water to have best results. Even a healthcare expert may be consulted to confirm about dose of this remedy for diabetes control.

How long does a pack last?

Depending upon usage, a 40gms pack of Divya Madhukalp Vati lasts for around 20 days.

What are the major benefits?

  • Divya Madhukalp Vati is useful in alleviation of high blood sugar. Diabetic patients may control extremely high blood glucose or sugar so that they may get rid of various symptoms of diabetes.
  • It helps in keeping pancreas in normal and most optimal working condition so that requisite amount of insulin hormone is secreted. This in turn keeps a check over high blood sugar automatically.
  • The insulin hormone is made to work in the most excellent manner possible. Consequently, it helps in normalizing the level of sugar or glucose in the blood.
  • The regular and normal oxidation or conversion of glucose or sugar into energy is ensured. This action is very much beneficial for diabetic patients as they can have sufficient amount of energy for various body processes.
  • Physical weakness or constant feeling of exhaustion or tiredness that is experienced by most diabetic patients is also got ridden of due to availability of adequate amount of energy.
  • Other symptoms associated with diabetes such as numbness of hands and feet, blurring of vision, frequent urination, weight loss, excessive thirst etc. are also managed well.
  • Skin infections that are common in most diabetic patients are also prevented. It is due to enhancement in natural body immunity.
  • It is also helpful in controlling excess of fats or cholesterol present in the blood.

Divya Madhukalp Vati is one among the best remedies to reduce, control and manage high blood sugar. It is in fact a natural approach towards controlling this incurable health issue.

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