Divya Medha Kwath – An Amazing Brain Tonic

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What is Divya Medha Kwath?

Divya Medha KwathDivya Medha Kwath Best Herbal Brain Tonic is an herbal mixture that acts as a very good and complete tonic for the brain. It contains all the supplements for brain power. It is especially beneficial for those suffering from certain neurological disorders, mental issues, negative mental thoughts and states, sleeplessness and such other issues. Even students may get benefitted with the help of this wonderful herbal remedy that has been prepared from some of the most excellent herbal constituents found in the nature. Divya Medha Kwath is nothing but an amalgamation of such herbs that are being used since ancient times for promoting good health of the brain. It contains best of ayurvedic herbs for brain health. All the herbs present in this fabulous herbal preparation are totally safe for the brain in all respects. It is one among the best cure for dementia.

Why Divya Medha Kwath is preferable for brain?

As stated above, Divya Medha Kwath has been manufactured using some of the most excellent herbal constituents found in the nature. Hence it is preferred over other medicines or products that are used for treatment of certain problems or health issues related to the mental aspect of the human body. It is better option as far as good health and normal functions of the brain are concerned owing to numerous reasons as given below:

  1. It is organic or herbal in nature.
  2. It is safe to be used by anyone.
  3. It is suitable for all.
  4. It is free from any harmful components.
  5. It is free of toxins.
  6. It is free of any side-effects on the overall body health.
  7. It is easily accessible at almost all Patanjali stores.
  8. It is easily affordable by anyone.

Importance of Divya Medha Kwath for brain functions

Divya Medha Kwath incorporates wonderful herbal or naturally occurring ingredients found in the nature. It is worth noting that these herbs or other components of this ayurvedic formula are being used since times unknown to support normal brain functions. Herbs such as Brahmi, Ashwagandha are quite useful and beneficial for brain functions. Hence this product helps in optimizing the functioning of the cells and tissues of the brain. Proper and complete nourishment is provided to all the parts of the brain. That is why it acts as a complete tonic for the brain. It also aids in releasing hormones and enzymes required for normal brain functions.

What are the active constituents?

The chief components or constituents of Divya Medha Kwath are as follows:

Ustukhudusa (Arabian or French Lavender)
Jyotishmati (Malkangani)
Jata Mamsi,
Gojihva (Gajaban)

How to use?

To take this herbal remedy, you need to prepare a decoction of the kwatha by boiling 5-10gms of the same in 400ml of water. Keep on boiling till the water reduces to 1/4th of original volume. Strain it and consume the same two times in a day.

How long a pack of Divya Medha Kwath does lasts?

Depending upon usage, a 100gms pack of Divya Medha Kwath lasts for around 10-15 days.


Divya Medha Kwath is useful in following ways for the brain functions and overall well-being of the users.

  1. It offers complete nourishment to the brain cells and tissues so that these may keep on working normally and most optimally.
  2. It offers instant, effective and long lasting relief from headaches of varying nature. The brain is relieved of the severe pain caused due to headaches that may even be severe in nature.
  3. It is an apt and perfect remedy for those who complain of loss or lack of sleep. In simple words, it is a very good cure and preventative measure for insomnia. It induces sleep naturally so that the users may be relieved of unnecessary aggravation of the brain that may be caused due to lack of sleep.
  4. Stress, tension, depression, anxiousness, nervousness and such other negative mental states are released from the brain. This in turn offers a relaxing effect to the brain. It is in fact one of the most wonderful remedies for those suffering from such types of negative mental states.
  5. Divya Medha Kwath is helpful in improving memory in such people who complain of weak memory or short term memory loss. It helps people and especially students to retain things, facts or information in their brain for long time. It improves memory and concentration.
  6. The concentrative powers and intellect of a person are also increased with the use of Divya Medha Kwath. Hence you may perform better in academics, professional life as well as all spheres of life with the regular use of this product.

Divya Medha Kwath proves to be quite useful as far as improvement in brain functions and its good health are concerned.

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