Divya Sitopaladi Churna (Bronchitis)

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Divya Sitopaladi ChurnaCough, cold and such other issues related to the respiratory system are quite common in most people during seasonal changes. It is due to allergies caused by the allergens or other external agents present in the atmosphere. As a result of this, the respiratory system is affected with the allergic problems. Bronchi and bronchioles are also among the major parts of the respiratory system. These are also affected in an adverse manner due to any types of respiratory problems. All such issues can be tackled in an effective way using an amazing herbal medicine called as Divya Sitopaladi Churna. It is a magical formula that helps in assuring normal functions of the entire respiratory system.

What is Divya Sitopaladi Churna?

Divya Sitopaladi Churna is a superb herbal medicine that helps in assuring good health of the entire respiratory system. Hence Divya Sitopaladi Churna for bronchitis cure may be used by anyone suffering from various types of issues related to the bronchi or bronchioles. It is in fact one among the best natural remedies for bronchitis. It is a safe way of getting rid of different types of issues related to the respiratory system. It acts as a natural medicine for cough. The discomfort caused in the airways and lungs due to constant coughing is soothed and relieved. It is a safe asthma attack treatment that may be used by anyone irrespective of age and gender. It is the best known sore throat medication in the ayurvedic medicine world.

What it contains?

Some of the best and selected herbs are used in the preparation of Divya Sitopaladi Churna. The major constituents of this herbal medicine for bronchitis are Bambusa arundinacea, Piper Longum, Elettaria cardamomum and Cinnamomum zeylanicum.


It is advised to take two teaspoons of this medicine two times in a day?

How to take?

It is to be taken with water or honey as per one’s choice.

Safety of use

Sitopaladi Churna is free from any side-effects on any of the parts, organs or systems of the human body. It means it is totally safe in all respects for the users.

Therapeutic effects

  • Divya Sitopaladi Churna is helpful in treatment and prevention of the problem of asthma, bronchitis.
  • It may be used in case of common cough as well as some serious diseases or disorders related to
  • the respiratory system, lungs and other parts related to the respiratory system.
  • It is apt in the management of common cold, cough as well as other discomforts caused due to these problems.
  • Divya Sitopaladi Churna is a very good herbal cough remedy. Hence it may be used by anyone suffering from cough, cold or such other common issues.
  • Infections related to the throat as well as other parts of the respiratory system are treated and prevented in an effective way.
  • The natural body immunity is also improved so as to offer complete protection to the respiratory system against any harm that may be caused due to low body immunity.
  • It may be used in the management of fevers of varying natures and types.
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