Get Relieved of Pain with Divya Dhara

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Divya DharaPrepared from a blend of unique herbal components found in the nature, Divya Dhara is medicated oil that helps in offering relief from pain in any of the body parts. It means it is useful in multiple ways for the body.

What is Divya Dhara?

Divya Dhara for instant pain relief is an amazing herbal formulation that is available in the form of a roll-on product. It is quite easy to use. It aids in treating muscle pain very efficiently. It starts acting on the area where it is applied and starts showing its effects just within span of seconds. It is one among the most excellent cures for tooth pain.  At the same time, it also acts as a superb remedy for ear pain. It has been prepared from some of the safest and excellent natural ingredients found in the nature. Hence it is totally safe for the users in all respects. It may be used by anyone to get relieved of pains of varying natures and degrees in any of the body parts. Just apply the oil on the affected body part and you will get relief from pain within seconds. Such is the effect of this medicated oil that has been made available for millions of users worldwide at easily affordable rates.

How is Divya Dhara important for pain relief?

Divya Dhara finds application in relieving pain in different body parts or organs due to presence of some of the most wonderful herbs in it. Presence of herbs such as peppermint, clove oil and camphor make it an amazing pain-relief remedy for the users. It gets absorbed into the skin completely so as to reach the part where it is applied and hence reaches the deeper layers. This in turn eradicates pain from the concerned area completely. That is why this product is used in different ways for overall well-being of the entire body.

Why should you prefer Divya Dhara?

Divya Dhara is medicated oil presented by the Patanjali pharmacy. Keeping in view the safety of the users, it has been prepared from herbal components only. This in turn assures that no harm is caused to the users in anyways with the use of this oil. Rather it may be used by anyone without the fear of any side-effects on any of the body parts. Unlike other pain-relievers available in the market, this medicated oil is free from any chemicals or toxins. It is totally organic in its origin and hence safe in all respects. It is rich in multiple medicinal properties. That is why it starts showing results immediately and effectively after application on the affected area. Also it is easily affordable by anyone. It can be obtained from any of the Patanjali stores. Even you may order it online.

What are the important constituents of Divya Dhara?

Divya Dhara is rich in multiple herbal components. These are camphor, clove oil, Bishop’s weed, peppermint and Eucalyptus oil. All these are known for their pain-relieving effect on the body and hence useful in curing pains of varying natures and extents.

How to use?

Just roll on the product on the affected body area to get relieved of pain.

How long does a pack last?

It all depends upon usage. Although it is a small packing however it may be used for months.


  • Divya Dhara is quite effective in offering relief from headache and strain on the eyes. It helps in getting rid of even the severest forms of headaches.
  • It may be used to get rid of cold and running nose. The oils present in this product help in opening up the blocked nasal passages.
  • It may be used by people who complain of neck pain. Just apply it on the neck and you will experience great relief from pain. Even stiffness and inflammation in the neck is also got ridden of.
  • It is a very good remedy to control influenza.
  • It is an excellent remedy for those who suffer from running nose, sneezing etc. frequently.
  • Throat infections can be reduced considerably with the help of this medicated oil. It helps in saving the sensitive body organs against microbial infections in an effective manner.
  • Burning sensation in the eyes that may be caused due to any reasons is also reduced and ultimately eradicated.
  • Divya Dhara may even be used to get rid of ear pain. It also offers relief from various types of ear diseases.
  • Toothache that is a common problem in large section of population can be relieved efficiently.
  • Asthma patients may reduce the frequency and intensity of bouts of cough with the use of this product. Application of this oil on chest helps in relieving cough to considerable extent.
  • Any types of muscular pains can be relieved instantly and effectively.

Divya Dhara is top-rate medicated oil that may be used by anyone in a safe and natural manner.

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