Get Rid of Face Spots with Natural and Home Remedies

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Get Rid of Face SpotsNone of you like those spots on your face making it dull and look gloomy. They are not only embarrassing but spoil your whole look grabbing the main focus. These dark spots or face spots occur usually as a sign of skin damage. Usually they occur as a result of excess melanin in the area where the spots generates. This phenomenon is most commonly known as hyperpigmentation. Home remedies can be used to get rid of face spots but in adverse cases; it is always suggested to visit a doctor for help.

Notable Causes for Dark spots

Causes giving birth to face spots or Dark spots are numerous and can be differentiated according to their characteristics. Hyperpigmentation is the primary cause which signifies the damage of the skin wherefrom the spot takes birth. This phenomenon of the skin causes it to produce excess melanin resulting in the formation of that patchy dark area on the face. Exposure to the harmful UV rays of the sun is nowhere less responsible for such a skin problem. These rays contribute to the production of melanin to an increased rate that eventually turns out forming dark spots. Liver problem, skin sensitivity, acne, pimple scars, and hormonal imbalance are the other common causes responsible for the growth of face spots.

Easy Home Remedies for scars and spots treatment

People initially look out for home remedies to get rid of face spots. Home remedies are not only easy to use but also are known for great help. The first starts with sunscreen creams. It is always recommended to put on sun screen before moving out in the sun. Sunscreens contain zinc oxide and titanium oxide which effectively helps in keeping away the harmful UV ray sand their adverse effects on the skin. One can also apply Vitamin E on the spots as they get lighten the darker tone of the area. Increase in the intake of foods like oranges, strawberries, containing vitamin C helps in the controlling and maintaining a balance in the formation of melanin thereby preventing the growth of dark spots.

Application of skin spots erasers

There are also many natural erasers which can be used for removing out the dark face spots. Castor Oil is the most effective of them which if applied on the skin twice a day can bleach away those dark spots. Green tea extract too are known for providing a fresh glow to the skin with its antioxidants by removing those dull marks on the face. One can also use milk and Aloe Vera; as both of these are known for their erasing effect on the dark spots.

Natural packs and beauty therapy

Face packs like sandalwood powder mix has been in extensive use since the Vedic ages. Sandalwood powder mixed with rose water and glycerin if used for a certain time period can best remove those skin spots. Other than sandalwood, application of honey and brown sugar mix paste and lemon juice also effectively render help. With the technological advancement, various medical treatments like laser therapy, microdermabrasion and chemical peeling have also come up for turning your embarrassment into pride. However; it is always suggested to visit a doctor for help in case the dark spot persists despite of all these remedies.


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