Prevent Heart diseases with Ramdev Medicines

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Proper circulation of blood to different parts of our body is a must to keep them functioning in perfect manners. It is the heart that is responsible for perfect circulation of blood throughout our physique. Coronary arteries that supply the blood often become narrow and hard because of plaque that gets deposited in them. It leads to heart diseases including its blockage. The inner walls of the heart are affected with deposits of fat that create hurdles for flow of blood that may lead to heart blockage. Supply of blood in the coronary arteries sometimes gets decreased that results in decrease of the supply of blood to the heart muscles causing pain. Complete blockage of heart arteries may cause heart attacks that may prove fatal. Few of the traditional and allopathic medicines sometimes lead to serious complications. That’s why use of ayurvedic medicines and the ones by Swami Ramdev is increasing day by day.

Heart medicines by Ramdev – Swami Ramdev has introduced the following wonderful formulations:

  • Divya moti/mukta pisti – This is a great medicine that helps in nourishing the heart and ensures proper flow of blood to and from it. Our heart functions in even manners with its even use. Coronary arteries are cleared off the blockages due to fat and occurrence of heart diseases gets reduced with this medicine.
  • Divya Sangeyasada pisti – This is another effective medicine for heart blockage and other problems. Accumulation of plaques and fats etc is prevented with regular use of this medicine. Pain and discomfort in the heart can be got rid of with its use. Heart attacks can be prevented with this pisti.

Other major medicines by Swami Ramdev are Divya Akika Pisti, Divya Yogendera Ras, Divya Hrdayarta and Divya Arjuna Kvatha that are greatly beneficial.

Natural treatments – Heart diseases can be kept at distance with the following home remedies:

  • Simple fibre rich diets are good while the ones with excessive fats must be avoided. Include green leafy vegetables and fruit juices in your daily foods.
  • Say NO to sedentary life that is a big cause for heart diseases including its blockage.
  • Avoid taking excessive alcohol and smoking. Construction of the arteries can be affected in adverse manners with these two habits.
  • Maintain your weight to the standard levels.
  • Take water in sufficient quantities in a day. It is helpful in removing the chemicals and helps in preventing formation of plaques that is responsible for heart diseases.

Yoga and exercises – The cardiovascular disease can be cured by getting engaged in physical activities and yoga asana. Doing Bhastrika Pranayama, Kapalbhati Pranayama, Bahya pranayama, Anulom Vilom Pranayama and Nadi Shodhan, Bhramari Pranayama, Udggeth Pranayama and Pranav Pranayama is much helpful to say NO to heart blockage and other problems. Other yoga poses for this disorder are Uttanapadasana, Pavanamuktasana and Shavasana that work wonders. Those suffering from heart diseases must adopt habits of going for long walks and swimming that give good relief.


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