Adenitis / Tumor growth


Products Ingredients

  • Divya Kanchanar guggulu
  • Divya Vriddhivadhika Vati  
  • Divya Gilloy Sattva
  • Divya Tamra bhasma


Lymphatic system is an important system in the human body. It is comprised of lymph glands, lymph nodes, adenoids etc. All these work in close sync with each other. When any inflammation or swelling occurs in the lymph glands then this condition is referred to as adenitis. It is accompanied by pain and inflammation. Since all the parts are closely connected and present throughout the body therefore inflammation spreads to other body parts too. If left untreated due to lack of proper diagnosis at initial stages or any other reasons then adenitis may get converted into tumour. As a result of this overall body health is affected in an adverse manner. It is due to appearance numerous symptoms in the entire body.

Why is adenitis or tumour caused?

Adenitis is caused due to inflammation in the lymph glands present in the body. This inflammation is a resultant of infections caused by certain type of bacteria or viruses. Tumours are generally caused in the body when there is unrestricted growth and multiplication of cells in some parts or organs of the body. Also some other reasons may be responsible for causing tumours. These may include-

  • Family history of the disease
  • Exposure of the body to toxic materials
  • Exposure to direct sunlight excessively
  • Certain types of cuts or injuries on the body
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol consumption

What troubles are caused by adenitis or tumours in the body?

The problem of adenitis or tumour is accompanied by numbers of signs and symptoms. The patients experience numbers of problems in their bodies as given below.

  • Recurrent fevers, cough and weakness in the body
  • Constant feeling of exhaustion and tiredness
  • Soreness of the throat
  • Feeling of chilliness in the body
  • Tenderness and hardness of the lymph nodes at affected sites
  • Formation of a hard nodule at the site of inflammation
  • Feeling of formation of tumour at the affected site
  • Recurrent bacterial and viral infections

What is the apt treatment plan?

In the conventional medicine world, generally, surgery is recommended to remove the tumorous growth in the affected areas. Although it helps in treating the problem for some time however there are always chances of reoccurrence of the problem. It is because symptoms may get suppressed for some time but may appear again and in a severe form. So what to do to have a permanent cure for this problem? In this respect, herbal or ayurvedic medicines work wonders as these are totally based on ayurvedic principles that are being used since ancient times. Baba Ramdev Ji has designed and developed a fabulous cure for this problem. It comprises of certain herbal remedies that may be used by the patients under the guidance of medical experts. These are collectively referred to as Baba Ramdev health pack for adenitis/tumour.

What does Ramdev health pack for adenitis/tumour comprise?

Ramdev health pack for adenitis/tumour comprises below mentioned herbal formulas.

  1. Divya Gilloy Sattva
  2. Divya Tamra bhasm
  3. Divya Kanchanar guggulu
  4. Divya Vriddhivaadhika vati

How do patients get benefited?

Ramdev health pack for adenitis/tumour is beneficial in following ways for the patients.

  • Pain caused due to inflammation of the lymph nodes is relieved.
  • Inflammation is reduced and then eradicated completely.
  • Lymphatic system is well-nurtured.
  • Normal functioning of the lymphatic system is promoted.
  • The functions of the lymph nodes and the entire lymphatic system are optimized.
  • The body is protected against bacterial or viral attack by enhancement in natural immunity.
  • Spreading of the infection and inflammation to the entire body is prevented.
  • Formation of tumours in the body is prevented.
  • Formation of cancerous cells is also prevented.

This health pack is totally safe as it is herbal in its origin. No side-effects whatsoever are noticed in the body with the use of this ayurvedic preparation by the Patanjali or Divya pharmacy.

Are there any herbal or home remedies for adenitis/tumour treatment and prevention?

Apart from medicines, certain home remedies may work wonders in keeping this problem under control and at bay. Some of the top remedies are as listed below.

  • Incorporate green tea, omega 3 oils, folic acid, selenium and Vitamin D in your daily diet. All these help to reduce tumour size.
  • Foods rich in carotene and anti-oxidants are also beneficial in this respect.
  • Garlic and turmeric must be made an essential part of cooking foods as you can remain protected against tumours with the use of these herbal ingredients.
  • Incorporate yoga into your daily exercise regimen as it enhances natural body immunity. Therefore you may remain protected against numerous infections caused due to bacteria and viruses.
  • Abstain from junk foods, smoking and alcohol. Rely on healthy and well-balanced diet totally.

Preventative measures taken beforehand allow you to stay healthy and fit and away from adenitis and tumours.


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