Enlarged prostrate / BPH


Package Ingredients

1. Divya Chandraprabha vati 40 gm
2. Divya Shilajit rasayan vati 40 gm
3. Divya Kanchanar guggulu 40 gm
4. Divya Punarnvadi Mandur 40 gm
5. Ashwagandha capsule 60 caps.

Mode of Administration
Medicine No.1,2,3,4 – 1 tablet from each to be taken after breakfast and Dinner with water.

Medicine No.5 – 1 caps. to be taken before breakfast and before bed with milk.

Dosage : 1 Month



Enlarged prostate that is also known as BPH or Benign Prostate Hyperplasia in medical science is a common problem among large section of male population. As the name suggests, this condition is chiefly characterized by enlargement of the prostate gland that has an important role to play in the urinary system as well as reproductive system in men. Generally, men above the age of 50 or those advancing towards middle age may be seen suffering from BPH. Lower urinary tract infection symptoms appear severely under this condition as it causes problems in the normal urination process.

For those who know little about this condition, it chiefly arises in men due to considerable increase in the numbers of cells in the stroma and epithelia in men. As a result of this abnormal increase in the cells, large noticeable sized nodules start forming in the periurethral area of the prostate. Due to significant increase in the size of prostate gland, blockage or obstructions are noticed in the urethral canal as well. This in turn leads to blockage in the urinary tract. It may get partially or fully blocked and hence problems start arising in the normal flow of urine. That is why urinary tract infections are also common in such people. It is due to accumulation of wastes, toxins and chemicals in the body that are otherwise excreted along with urine out of the body.

Due to obstructions in the urinary tract, the patient experiences numerous problems in urination. He may feel pressure and urge to urinate frequently but not able to pass urine. There may be scanty of urine or dribbling urination. Occurrence of urinary tract infections makes the condition worse and results in appearance of numbers of other upsetting signs and symptoms.

Why do men suffer from enlarged prostate?

Although any one in male population may suffer from the problem of enlarged prostate however it is primarily and largely found in some men. It is due to certain risk factors that increase the chances of occurrence of this problem. Major risk factors out of these may include-

  1. Men who are obese or are overweight are at high risk of getting affected with this condition.
  2. Men who indulge excessively in smoking may also get affected with this condition.
  3. Lack of physical activity, exercise or desk bound jobs may also give rise to such a condition.
  4. Those who have family history of this disease or disorder are also more prone to suffer from this condition.
  5. Certain types of sexual disorders including erectile dysfunction also enhance the chances of occurrence of this problem in men.
  6. Those who consume alcohol excessively in day to day life may also develop this condition.
  7. Advancement in age is also a major risk factor.

What problems are caused in men due to enlarged prostate?

Enlarged prostate is definitely a discomforting condition related to the urinary system of men. Apart from pain, it is also accompanied by numbers of other discomforts as discussed blow.

  1. Men suffering from enlarged prostate have an emergent and frequent urge to urinate but they are unable to empty their bladder.
  2. There may be little flow of urine or it may be completely absent in some cases.
  3. There is oozing of urine in the patient following urination.
  4. It is characterized by persuasive urination.
  5. The urine output is decreased to considerable extent.
  6. The patient experiences a feeling of fullness of the bladder even though the urine has already been passed. It is due to exertion of pressure on the urinary bladder due to enlarged prostate gland.
  7. The patient also experiences considerable reduction in the strength of urine flow.

Due to all such problems caused by the enlarged prostate the patient feels pain as well.

Enlarged prostate management

Usually, surgery is performed by the physicians to get rid of the extra growth in the prostate gland. But the chances of recurrence of this problem still remain in such cases. Owing to same reasons, it is advisable to opt for a permanent solution to this problem. It is best possible by using Baba Ramdev health pack for benign prostate hyperplasia. It comprises of multiple herbal formulas such as-

1. Divya Cprabha vati 40 gm
2. Divya Shilajit rasayan vati 40 gm
3. Divya Kanchanar guggulu 40 gm
4. Divya Punarnvadi Mandur 40 gm
5. Ashwagandha capsule 60 caps.

All these act in an excellent manner on the body so as to show quick and effective results.

Why use Baba Ramdev health pack for enlarged prostate?

  1. It offers relief from this condition at a fast pace.
  2. It is safe and free from any harmful effects on the body.
  3. It is a non-surgical approach towards treatment of this condition.
  4. All the problems related to the urination are eradicated and urine flow is normalized.
  5. It also treats and prevents recurrent urinary tract infections.

It improves overall well-being of the patient by getting rid of the problem of enlarged prostate right from its root cause.


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