Himplasia for treating BPH, prostate, genitourinary infections, painful urination, hematuria and dysuria. 30 tablets




Like women, men are also prone to suffer from certain diseases or disorders related to the genitals or sexual and reproductive organs. Same holds particularly true for men in their old age or those towards advancing years of their age. One such problem is that related to the prostate gland in men. It is called as the benign prostate hyperlapsia or BPH in short. It is really a very discomforting condition wherein men suffer from enlargement of their prostate gland. As a result of this, there is severe pain during urination. Also the patients may experience difficulty or problems in passage of urine.

Men suffering from prostate disorder may also complain of dribbling urination or infections related to their urinary organs. Also this condition is accompanied by problems in the abdomen. Such patients may suffer from abdominal pain too. Digestive problems are also common in this condition. Almost all the parts of the urinary system are affected with this condition. Thus normal functions of all the parts of the urinary system are affected in a negative way.

The overall health of the patient keeps on worsening if this condition is left untreated. It is very important for men to be aware about the symptoms of BPH and get proper and correct diagnosis in case they notice any of the symptoms. Equally important is the use of some herbal or ayurvedic medicines so that chances of any side-effects on the overall health of the patients may be totally ruled out.

Keeping in mind the same fact, an herbal formulation called as Himplasia has been manufactured and introduced by the Himalaya Company. It is an amazing remedy for management of the problem of BPH or any other issues related to prostate gland in men. People affected with any types of prostate relevant problems may use this formula and overcome the same in an effective and safe manner with the use of this wonderful product.

What it contains?

Like all other products accessible from Himalaya Company, Himplasia has also been prepared from herbal ingredients only. It is an excellent product that contains below-mentioned ingredients.

  • Small caltrops / Gokshura / (Tribulus terrestris) 140mg
  • Asparagus / Shatavari /(Asparagus racemosus) 80mg
  • Three leaved caper / Varuna / (Cratavea nurvala) 80mg
  • Bonduc nut / Putikaranja / (Caesalpinia bonducella) 120mg
  • Areca nut palm / Puga / (Areca catechu) 100mg
  • Processed agate / Akika pishti 80mg

All these are processed in following components to get the final product.

  • Acacia Tree / Babbula(Acacia nilotica)
  • Horse Gram / Kulattha(Dolichos biflorus)
  • Kumari / Aloe Vera

The product thus obtained is called as Himplasia and is found to be apt in the management of the problem of prostate enlargement or BPH in a very effective way.

Dosage of Himplasia

In most of the cases, it is advised to take 1-2 tablets of this herbal formulation two times per day following meals. This medicine may be continued for couple of weeks or till you get desired results. It is advised to consult with your healthcare expert about dose of this medicine so that no contradictions may arise in the body.

How does Himplasia prove to be beneficial for the users?

There are numbers of ways by which Himplasia is beneficial or advantageous for the users as follows.

  • Normal functions of the prostate are retained. Also it promotes normal and most optimal functions associated with this important gland of the body. It helps in normalizing the functions related to the urogenital system, bladder as well as reproductive system in men.
  • It also aids in retaining the lost hormonal balance amid various sexual and reproductive hormones. This task is accomplished in a totally natural way. It is a non-hormonal remedy that doesn’t disturb the normal hormonal balance in the body in any ways.
  • It allows men to get rid of any problems during urination. Men are able to pass urine in an unobstructed way without experiencing any problems. Pain, itching or burning sensation that is felt during urination is all got ridden of.
  • The urine output is also normalized so that wastes are removed from the body completely. This action is quite useful for such men who suffer from the problem of scanty of urine output.
  • Also urine flow is normalized and eased. Thus men feel relieved to great extent with the use of this astonishing herbal formulation.
  • It is worth noting that Himplasia is also beneficial for the reproductive health. It supports normal functions related to this body system. The male fertility is improved so that they may take active part in the process of reproduction.

The enlarged prostate size is reduced slowly and steadily. Ultimately, it helps in retaining normal size of this gland so that any problems that may arise in the entire urogenital system or overall body health may be got ridden of automatically.


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