Coronary Artery Disease


Package Ingredients

1. Divya Mukta Pishti 4 gm
2. Divya Sangeyasava Pisti 10 gm
3. Divya Akika pisti 5 gm
4. Divya Giloy sat 10 gm
5. Divya Yogendra Rasa 1 gm
6. Divya Jaharmohara Pishti 5 gm
7. Divya Hridayamrita Vati 40 gm
8. Divya Arogyawardini Vati 40 gm
9. Divya Arjuna Kwath 300 gm



Blood is supplied to all the body parts and organs by the heart. Hence heart is one among the vital organs of the human body that keeps your body in good health and proper working order. Without proper supply of blood, oxygen supply is also halted which in turn starts causing problems in the overall health of the patient. The heart is prone to suffer from numerous disorders or diseases. And coronary artery disease is also one among these. It is a condition that is characterized by hardening and narrowing of the arteries. This narrowing or hardening is chiefly caused due to deposition of plaque or such other sticky substances.

There is clogging of arteries due to deposition of fatty substances or cholesterol. This in turn results in obstruction of the normal blood supply to the heart as well as other body parts and organs. Consequently, there is abnormality of the heart functions too. In some cases, it may even result in heart attack. It is very much important to take good care of the heart and protect it against any harm that may be caused due to occurrence of coronary artery disease or such other health issues.

Why do people suffer from coronary artery disease?

Coronary artery disease may arise as a result of numbers of causative agents or factors. Negligence in taking good care of the heart as well as certain bad habits may also become culprits of this condition. The major offenders of coronary artery disease are as follows.

  • Great dependence on fatty foods
  • Intake of oily and heavy foods that are difficult to be digested
  • Over weightiness or obesity
  • Lack of physical exercise
  • Formation of plaque and deposition of the same in the arteries
  • Genetic predisposition
  • Excessive indulgence in smoking
  • Excessive alcohol intake

What problems are experienced by patients of coronary artery diseases?

It is not only the obstruction of normal blood flow to the heart and the body parts and organs but other health issues are also created due to occurrence of coronary artery diseases. The major problems experienced by such patients are as follows.

  1. Pain in the heart
  2. Tightness in the heart
  3. Increase in heart rate
  4. Increased pulse rate
  5. Anxiety
  6. Palpitations
  7. Restlessness
  8. High blood pressure
  9. High cholesterol levels

Management of coronary artery disease

The serious problem of coronary artery disease may be treated and prevented using Ramdev health pack. It is an amazing herbal remedy for this problem. It is totally safe and reliable in all manners as it has been prepared using herbal components only. Following herbal formulas are contained in this fabulous health pack.

  • Divya moti pisti
  • Divya Sangeyasada pisti
  • Divya akika pisti
  • Divya Yogendra rasa
  • Srnga bhasma
  • Divya Hrdayamrta
  • Divya Arjuna Kvatha

These are all clinically tested and found to be apt in the management of this heart issue in an efficient way.

Benefits of Ramdev health pack for coronary artery disease

Baba Ramdev health pack for coronary artery disease helps in getting rid of this problem and regain good health of the heart. It is beneficial for the patients in numbers of ways as given hereunder.

  • Normal heart functions are supported.
  • Plaque or fat content deposited in the coronary arteries is removed.
  • Supply of blood as well as oxygen to the heart and the entire body is normalized.
  • Any blockage in the heart or in the arteries is also removed.
  • The plaque is dissolved so that it may be removed from the heart and the arteries without the need of any surgeries.
  • Signs and symptoms of coronary artery disease are all eradicated from the body.
  • Pain in the heart is also relieved.
  • Anxiety is released quickly.
  • Similarly, uneasiness felt by the patient is also soothed.
  • High blood pressure is lowered down and maintained at normal level.
  • Heart muscles are strengthened for their most optimal functioning.
  • Also recurrence of this problem is prevented.
  • Chances of heart attack are eliminated altogether.
  • Heaviness in the chest or heart region is relieved.

Why use Ramdev health pack for coronary artery disease?

  • It is a natural treatment option.
  • It is reliable and safe.
  • It acts fast.
  • It shows quick results.
  • It is suitable for all age groups of people.

What else?

The problem of coronary artery disease can be prevented by paying attention to some points as given below.

  • Reduce your weight if you are over-weight or obese.
  • Remain physically active.
  • Stick to light and easily digestible diet.
  • Say no to smoking and alcohol.
  • Say no to oily, fried and processed foods.
  • Reduce salt intake.
  • Drink plenty of water for regular detoxification.
  • Keep a tab over cholesterol and blood pressure levels.



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