Depression – Helpful in control anxiety, restlessness and insomnia


Package Ingredients

1. Divya Medha Kwath 300 gm
2. Divya Mukta Pisti 4 gm
3. Divya pravala Pisti 10 gm
4. Divya Godanti Bhasma 10 gm
5. Divya Medha Vati 40 gm



Characterized by sadness and loss of interest in life and routine tasks, depression is defined as a mental illness in medical science. It is a negative state of mind that leaves the patient completely distressed. All the aspects of the patient’s life are affected in an adverse manner due to depression. It is due to the reason that the entire body of human beings as well as other living beings is controlled by the mind. If mind or brain doesn’t work properly then all the normal functions related to different aspects of the human body and personality also get affected negatively.
Life just seems to be worthless for such people. Slowly patients get detached from their social circle. Even they may get disconnected from their close family members too and wish to have complete isolation. Such mentality may gradually lead to development of suicidal thoughts. Large numbers of patients are seen committing suicide just due to depression. Anything may lead to depression. What is more important is the timely diagnosis and proper and complete treatment of this mental illness.

Why do people suffer from depression?

Multitude of reasons may be considered to be the culprits of depression. In some cases, certain factors combined result in depression. The most important factors that may be held responsible for depression in a person are as follows.

  1. Biochemical imbalance in the brain
  2. Family history  of the disease
  3. Certain tragic experiences or happenings in life
  4. Prolonged illness
  5. Deficiency of certain nutrients such as Vitamin B12 and folate in the diet

How is depression characterized?

Depression is such a negative mental state that is characterized by certain signs and symptoms in the body as well as overall personality of the patient. These symptoms actually help in diagnosis as well as appropriate treatment of this mental illness. Various symptoms of depression include-

  1. Persistent feeling of sadness, nervousness, anxiousness and negativity in life
  2. Loss of interest and all rays of hope in life and routine activities
  3. Strong desire to be alone away from social life
  4. Lack of self-confidence and self-esteem
  5. Physical weakness, exhaustion and tiredness
  6. Loss of proper sleep or excessive sleepiness
  7. Change in appetite that may either increase or decrease considerably
  8. Feeling of restlessness that may lead to quick movements of the patient here and there
  9. Persistent headache and recurrent migraine attacks in some cases
  10. Irritable behaviour and anger
  11. Loss of concentration and reduction in memory
  12. Upsetting of the stomach
  13. Development of suicidal thoughts in some extreme cases

How to manage depression?

Since depression may even prove to be life-threatening for a person therefore it is very much important to treat and prevent it. There are numbers of anti-depressants and such other medicines available in the market that may help in relieving symptoms of this mental illness. At the same time, the side-effects produced due to use of such medicines and drugs must be taken into account for overall safety of the patient. In this respect, herbal or ayurvedic medicines may be opted for. It is a better approach towards depression management. Ramdev health pack for depression has been designed and developed keeping in mind the same fact.

Baba Ramdev health pack for depression

Prepared by using some of the most excellent and effective herbs or other natural ingredients found in the nature, Baba Ramdev health pack for depression may be used for anyone affected with this mental illness. It is particularly prepared and made available to benefit millions of people struggling with this condition in day-to-day life. It chiefly consists of certain herbal medicines or formulas that all combined work together to eliminate this mental illness along with its signs and symptoms.

Benefits of Ramdev health pack for depression

Multiple benefits of using Ramdev health pack for depression may be cited here. This medicine is in fact advantageous for the entire body as it promotes overall well-being for complete recovery from the depressed mental state. The chief benefits are as follows.

  1. Negativity from the mind is released so as to give way to positive thoughts and feelings.
  2. Chemical balance in the brain is retained so that all the parts of the brain may keep on functioning most optimally. This in turn helps in relieving depression automatically.
  3. The patient is prompted to start connecting to social life so as to pace up the recovery process.
  4. Problems related to the physical aspect of the body such as headache, weakness, tiredness etc. are also eradicated.
  5. It allows patient to have mental as well as physical rest properly.
  6. Regeneration of new brain cells is promoted so that the patient may enjoy mental well-being naturally.
  7. Memory and concentration are also improved for better performance in all fields of life.

Depression is definitely a serious mental illness. Fortunately, we have safe ways and treatment options that can be used to get recovered from this state of mind.


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