Damiagra Drops for Get rid of Erectile Dysfunction


Erectile Dysfunction & Low Sperm Count

30 ml / Bottle



We all feel excited about sexual activity. It is really an important and fascinating thing and act for anyone. Most people get indulged in sexual activity whole-heartedly. After all it is very much important to satisfy sexual desire or urge so that the sexual as well as reproductive systems may keep on working in an orderly manner. Also it is a way of expressing one’s love and care for your partner. In fact, the emotional bond between a man and woman gets cemented and strengthened via sexual activity. Additionally, it is also important from viewpoint of reproduction. Thus people of opposite genders come together and get engaged in this pleasurable act so as to stay connected and linked with each other physically, mentally as well as emotionally.

Generally, most men get aroused for this act in a normal way as a result of working of sexual hormones in the body. But it is not enough for complete sexual gratification. Rather it is quite important for men to achieve harder and stronger penis so that they may be able to penetrate the same into their female sex partner in an appropriate manner. This act helps in offering great sexual satisfaction to both the partners. Sadly, the entire process is interfered due to any types of malfunctioning or dysfunctions related to the male sex organ i.e. penis. It is called as erectile dysfunction wherein men are unable to achieve normal erections. Hence both the partners face disappointment in terms of this wonderful loveable act.

In order to restore normal functions related to the penis and in turn the entire sexual as well as reproductive systems, it is quite essential for men to achieve harder and stronger erections. For this, men may use an astonishing product called as SBL Damiagra Drops. This product has been especially designed and developed by the concerned company to treat, prevent and manage the problem of erectile dysfunction in men. It is an herbal formula that is free from any side-effects or ill-effects whatsoever. No complications are ever noticed with the use of this product in men. Thus it is absolutely safe and reliable for men in all respects.

What is the composition of Damiagra Drops?

Damiagra Drops have been enriched with the goodness of some of the most excellent herbal constituents as listed below.

  • Lycopodium 6x 10%
  • Agnus Castus 6X 10%
  • Caladium Seguinum 6X 10%
  • Damianna Q 15%
  • Yohimbinum Q 15%
  • Acid Phosphoricum 3x 10%
  • Selenium 12X 5%

All these are found to be effective in the management of different types of sexual problems in men in an excellent way. Thus the final formula obtained by blending all these together is also apt in managing erectile dysfunction and such other sexual issues.

Mode of usage

Under normal circumstances, the ideal dose of Damiagra Drops is 15-20 drops two times in a day. The users need to mix these drops in 1/4th cup of water and have the same. Since physical conditions of all people vary to some extent therefore the dosage may vary accordingly. Thus it is very much important to consult your healthcare physician before using this medicine for management of various types of sexual issues.

What are the various applications of Damiagra Drops?

Well, the major and most important application of Damiagra Drops is in the management of the problem of erectile dysfunction. Additionally, it is also useful for men in numbers of other ways as discussed hereunder.

  • Problem of erectile dysfunction is got ridden of with the regular and prescribed usage of this medicine. It helps in making the penis stronger and harder so that men may be able to achieve erections in an appropriate manner during intercourse.
  • Problem of low sexual desire or low libido is managed in an effective way with the use of this herbal formulation. It helps in improving sexual desire in men in a natural way. Thus men are able to enjoy their sexual life in an excellent way.
  • Problem of low sperm count is also managed in a fabulous way with the help of this ayurvedic medicine. It helps in improving sperm count in male semen in an effective way. With the use of this herbal medicine, men become able to reproduce. It means men may get rid of infertility or impotency with the aid of this herbal formula.
  • The hormonal balance in the body of the users is also maintained and retained. It helps in retaining the lost sexual hormonal balance in the body. Hence it allows men to keep on giving best performance during the act.
  • Damiagra Drops is a wonderful solution for such men that suffer from sexual issues. It is a total solution to various types of sexual problems faced by men. Also it is useful in the management of reproductive problems that may interfere with normal process of reproduction.


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