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Men face numerous problems related to their sex organ i.e. penis. Such men are unable to achieve strong and hard erections. Thus they remain discontented and disappointed sexually. It is because any problems in the working mechanism of penis results in difficulty in penetration of penis into female sex organs fully well. Even such men may not get aroused completely and properly for the sexual activity. It may be due to imbalance of sexual and reproductive hormones present in the men’s body. Thus sexual and reproductive life of men gets affected in a negative way to great extent. Weakness of the penis or penile muscles is also a major cause of various types of disorders associated with male sexual organs and in fact the entire system.

Irrespective of the reason behind occurrence of such problems related to male sex organs it is very much important to get rid of the same. Usually, most men prefer taking such medicines or drugs that may help in enhancing their sexual capacity and vigour so that they may become able to give their best performance during the sexual act. However such men may make their condition worse as use of such medicines or drugs has a negative affect on the sexual organs and in turn the entire body.

Luckily, there is a reliable herbal remedy that is apt in the management of different types of sexual issues faced by men. It is called as Himcolin Gel. This is a superb product that has been presented by the renowned Himalaya Company. This herbal formulation is found to be very effective in offering a sure shot and effective relief from various types of problems faced by men in successful and most excellent performance of the sexual act.

What it contains?

Himcolin Gel is enriched with the goodness of some of the best herbal constituents or ingredients. The major components of this magical formula for men include Vathada, Nirgundi (Vitex negundo), karpasa (gossypium herbaceum), Jaatipatree (myristica fragrans(Mace)), Jatiphalam (Mystrica fragrans),Taja (Cinnamomum cassia) Mukulaka (Pistiac vera) and Lavanga(Syzygium aromaticum).

Since all these constituents are organic in their origin therefore these are absolutely reliable in all manners for the overall body health of the users.

Mode of using Himcolin Gel

As the name suggests, Himcolin Gel is a topical application product. It is to be applied on your penis externally with the help of your hands. Take apt or requisite quantity of the gel into your hands or palm and then apply the same into pubic area while massaging in a gentle and thorough manner. Make sure the head of the penis remains safe against application of this gel. You may also use it before going for the sexual act. You can achieve harder and stronger erections during actual intercourse with the use of this gel. It is due to improved blood flow to the male sex organs.

How is Himcolin Gel advantageous for the users?

Himcolin Gel is beneficial for the users in numbers of ways. It finds application in the management of various types of sexual disorders or sexual dysfunctions suffered by men. The chief advantages of using this herbal gel are as given hereunder.

  1. The blood flow to the penis is improved by massaging the same with this gel. This action is vital to assuring harder and stronger erections during the intercourse.
  2. With the regular use of this gel on the penis, the cells, tissues and the muscles of the penis become strong. Thus men are able to perform better and show their masculine character during sex.
  3. Strength of the penis is very much important from viewpoint of successful and most pleasurable act. And this task is well-accomplished with the use of this ayurvedic gel on the male penis.
  4. Himcolin Gel is also useful for such men who suffer from the small size of their penis. They may use this wonderful gel and increase their penis size for deep and better penetration into female vagina.
  5. Process of vasolidation of the penile tissues is also supported with the use of this herbal remedy. Hence men are successful in accomplishment of sex in an excellent manner following proper arousal.
  6. Lack of sexual desire or low libido caused due to obstructed or reduced blood flow to the penis is also managed in an efficient way using this herbal cure. It helps in improving sexual desire in men in a natural manner by increasing blood flow to the genitals.
  7. Any tension from the penile muscles is released and these are relaxed. Thus men remain calm and free from any anxiety during the act. Men who feel stiffness or problems in erection during the intercourse get benefitted.
  8. Men desirous of lasting long in the bed may use this product and fulfil their desire of attainment of complete and absolute sexual pleasure.

Himcolin is a perfect solution for management of different types of erectile problems suffered by men.


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