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According to popular belief and owing to unique built up and structure of bodies of men, the male population is known to be more powerful as far as sexual strength is concerned. That is why men act vigorously and violently during the sexual act. Also they need extra efforts for attainment of complete pleasure as far as sexual activity is concerned. Unfortunately, men also suffer from numerous health issues or other problems related to their sexual life and sexual system. These problems may be related to the structure or functioning of the sexual parts or organs or the entire system.

Erectile dysfunction is a disorder that is chiefly related to the functioning of the penis. It is chiefly characterized by malfunctioning or improper functioning of the male sexual parts. There may be multiple reasons or causative factors that may result in this sexual disorder. Under this condition, the male sex parts or organs are unable to work properly. There may be problems in proper erection of the penis. Or men may not be able to hold or sustain their erections for long time or for the requisite time period so as to get complete pleasure. There may also be weakness in the penis or the entire sexual system which in turn may cause problems in normal and most optimal working of the penis.

Men suffering from erectile dysfunction are unable to get pleasure from sexual act. Also their sex partners remain unsatisfied. Even such men may feel embarrassed and have feeling of low self-esteem and low self-confidence. Generally, this problem is found in men advancing towards middle age. However younger generation may suffer from this problem owing to some specific reasons. Some men even develop guilt feeling due to this problem.

Why do men suffer from erectile dysfunctions?

Advancement in age results in weakening of the muscles of the penis. Also physical weakness may result in decreased or poor sexual performance. When this problem is found in younger age then it is triggered due to numerous reasons as discussed below.

  • Men suffering from prolonged illness become physically weak. This in turn has a negative impact on their sexual performance too.
  • Those who have problem in the working mechanism of hormones in their body may also fall prey to this problem. Hormonal imbalance results in lack of sexual desire and in turn poor performance too.
  • Weakness of the muscles due to certain health conditions such as diabetes. Such men are unable to achieve the desired erections.
  • Dependence upon habit forming drugs by men may also lead to the problem of erectile dysfunction.
  • Men who smoke regularly and excessively are also prone to suffer from this problem.
  • Similarly, excessive alcohol consumption also has an adverse effect on the sexual performance. It results in decreased performance in men.
  • Haunting of the mind with negative mental states such as stress, tension, depression and anxiety may also interfere with normal sexual act. Such mental states don’t allow men to take active part in the sexual act. Hence they are unable to give their best performance.
  • Poor or obstructed blood supply to the penis as a result of some diseases related to the arteries and veins is also one among the chief reasons for erectile dysfunctions.
  • Use of certain medicines such as those prescribed for sleep disorders is also known to trigger this condition.
  • Poor response from the female sex partner may also lead to erectile dysfunction in many cases.
  • Too much indulgence in sex is also a leading reason for this problem.
  • Lack of proper understanding and communication about sexual activity amid two partners may also give rise to this condition.

What problems are faced by men suffering from erectile dysfunctions?

Erectile dysfunction results in poor sexual performance. It is due to improper achievement of erections. Such men are not able to achieve harder and stronger erections. They may not last long in the bed. There may be feeling of general body weakness and sexual weakness. Problems in penetration of the penis into female sex organs are also noticed in numbers of such cases.

Ramdev health pack to manage erectile dysfunction

Comprised of numerous herbal formulas, Ramdev health pack for erectile dysfunctions allows men to take active part in the sexual act. It is useful in many ways as follows.

  1. Sexual vigour is improved.
  2. Sexual desire is enhanced.
  3. Sexual performance is improved.
  4. Penis is strengthened.
  5. All the sexual organs are nurtured well.
  6. Blood supply to the penis is increased for proper erection of the penis.
  7. It makes erections harder and stronger.
  8. It improves self-confidence and self-esteem in men.
  9. Youthful vigour is retained and revived in men’s body.
  10. Hormonal balance is restored for best sexual performance.
  11. Problems related to the structure of the penis are dealt with in an effective manner.
  12. The process of penis penetration into female vagina is also eased.

Ramdev health pack for erectile dysfunction is perhaps the most appropriate cure for this sexual disorder in men. Enjoy your sexual life and be happy!


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