Fatigue – Beating Weakness and Stress Naturally – One Month Pack with Free Shipping


Package Ingredients

  • Ashwagandha Churna
  • Medha Kvath 300 gm,
  • Mukta Pisti 4 gm,
  • Pravala Pisti 10 gm,
  • Godanti Bhasma 10 gm,
  • Medha Vati 40 gm


To get exhausted and feel tired after strenuous physical or mental activity is but normal for all people. It is because our body is just like a machine that needs break from regular work to have proper rest and get recovered. The process of regeneration of new cells in the body takes place when we sleep or take rest. This in turn allows us to feel refreshed and get rid of fatigue. It is worth noting that fatigue is experienced by all equally after continuous work. It is a natural body process.

The brain gets signals from the body that it is no more able to continue with the physical activity or mental tasks and needs rest. That is why we feel distracted and disinterested from work when we are fatigued. Those who get refreshed and rejuvenated following proper rest and sleep can be said to be healthy and normal in all respects. However when a person suffers from fatigue for considerable length of time and doesn’t get recovered then it is really a matter of worry.

Constant wish to sleep and have rest and loss of interest towards work and routine activities is referred to as chronic case of fatigue. It is not a disease but an indicative of some health concerns present in the body. In case a person suffers from this problem chronically then he/she is required to see a health care expert so as to have proper diagnosis and treatment for this problem.

Why do people suffer from fatigue?

Exhaustion after long day’s work is but obvious for all. Those who suffer from this problem must have some specific causes or reasons as mentioned below.

  1. Those who do not take adequate nutrients in their diet or take unhealthy and improper diet are prone to suffer from this condition essentially.
  2. Lack of proper and complete rest and sleep may also be one major reason for occurrence of fatigue.
  3. Advancement in age is one more common reason. It is because deteriorative or degenerative changes take place in the body as the age advances. As a result, physical and mental capability is reduced to considerable extent. Consequently, elderly people feel fatigued soon after doing even minor tasks.
  4. Certain bad eating habits also result in fatigue.
  5. Those who suffer from urinary tract infections are also prone to get affected with this issue more than others.
  6. Low count of red blood cells and platelets in the body may also lead to fatigue.
  7. Infectious diseases or commonly experienced health issues such as cold, fever and cough may also make you feel fatigued.
  8. Hypothyroidism or under-activity of the thyroid gland is one among the major offenders of fatigue.
  9. Allergy to some foods, medicines and drugs may also give rise to the condition of fatigue.
  10. Prolonged physical illness is one more important reason for occurrence of this health concern.

How to fatigued people feel like?

Certainly, lack of adequate or sufficient physical strength in the body is one among the major problems faced by fatigued people. They lose interest in routine tasks. They are unable to perform even minor physical tasks in an appropriate manner. They always complain of exhaustion, tiredness and weakness. Even their memory and concentration is also reduced to considerable extent. Breathlessness and excessive thirst even following a minor activity are also major symptoms of fatigue. There may be mild to moderate body ache as well. Weakness in the legs may also be noticed in some cases. Such people always feel lethargic and sleepy.

How to overcome the problem of fatigue?

To give your best performance during any physical or mental activity it is very much important to get rid of tiredness, exhaustion and fatigue. It is possible only if you get rid of the problem of fatigue. Generally people prefer taking tonics or such other products that may help them to enhance their physical strength and vigour. Not knowing the exact reason for fatigued state, intake of such medicines or tonics may not offer desired results. That is why use of Ramdev health pack for fatigue is recommendable. This superb herbal remedy has been designed and developed keeping in mind the unique needs of different types of patients. It helps in overcoming fatigue irrespective of the cause behind it. It is enriched with the goodness of some of the most excellent herbs and natural components found in the nature so as to promote normal body functions and overall well-being of the users.

Why should you use Ramdev health pack for fatigue?

  • It acts fast on the body and attacks at the underlying cause for fatigue.
  • It helps in getting rid of feelings of tiredness, exhaustion and fatigue in a natural manner.
  • Process of healing and regeneration of new cells is promoted and paced up. This in turn aids in early recovery from the fatigued condition.
  • The entire body is strengthened naturally so that the feeling of fatigue may be subsided and eradicated from the body.


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