Femiforte 30 Tablets – Women Discharge Leucorrhoea / Sexual Problem




We come across many women that suffer from different types of sexual problems. Out of these, leucorrhoea or abnormal discharge from the vagina is also a common problem. Under normal circumstances, most women experience vaginal discharge. However, when there is excessive vaginal discharge then it is really a matter of worry. It is because this condition is caused due to microbial infections in the vagina or female genitals. Though it is a common problem however it may lead to numbers of other problems, if left untreated. To treat and prevent vaginal discharge in women, an excellent herbal product called as Femiforte has been presented.

What does it contain?

Femiforte is an amazing amalgamation of numerous herbal ingredients such as Ashoka, Chopchini,  Hirabola, Jeeraka, Mandur Bhasma,   Nagkeshar, Phitkari shuddha,  Trivang Bhasma,  Triphala,  Usheer, Kukkutandtwak Bhasma,  Kankola,  Loha Bhasma, Mukta Shukti Bhasma,  and Vasa. Apart from this, it is also rich in some other natural ingredients or constituents including Ashwagandha, Daruharidra, Devadaru, Guduchi, Gokshur, Japa, Khadira, Lodhra, Oudumbar, Putrajivak,  Shatavari, Shalmali,  Tanduliya mool and Ulat Kambal. All these are mixed together and made to undergo clinical processes so as to obtain the final product.

All the ingredients contained in this amazing herbal cure exhibit medicinal properties that are beneficial for overall health of the genitals in the female’s body.

How to use?

Women suffering from leucorrhoea or other sexual issues are advised to take one tablet of this herbal formulation two times per day. It may be taken for a period of 4-6 weeks or as per requirements. For specific health conditions, consultation with healthcare expert is advisable.

How is Femiforte beneficial for women?

The major advantage of using Femiforte is freedom from leucorrhoea or vaginal discharge. It helps in stopping the excessive discharge of white or yellow foul smelling liquid from the vagina. Also it is useful for the genitals of women in numbers of other ways as discussed below.

  • Since Femiforte supplies all the essential nutrients required for normal working of the genitals in females therefore it is an excellent tonic for the entire sexual and reproductive systems. It helps in normalizing and optimizing the functions of the sexual and reproductive systems in women so that they may be able to enjoy overall well-being in a natural manner.
  • It also helps in toning the uterus so that no problems related to the sexual or reproductive systems may arise in the women’s body.
  • The reproductive system in women is strengthened. This action is very much helpful in keeping numerous issues related to the gynaecological system in women at bay.
  • The abnormal and unwanted flow of yellow coloured foul smelling liquid from the vagina is treated and prevented in an apt manner. Hence it aids in maintaining good health of the genitals.
  • Femiforte also finds application in the management of the problem of uterine bleeding that is suffered by numbers of women owing to different reasons. It helps in stoppage of bleeding from the uterus and at the same time keeps it at bay.
  • The anti-bacterial action exhibited by this herbal formula also helps in management of the problem of infections related to the genitals. The microbes responsible for such infections are killed and eradicated from the body. Thus abnormal discharge from the vagina is prevented in an automatic way.
  • General body weakness caused in women due to excessive vaginal discharge is also got ridden of. Thus women are able to feel reenergized and rejuvenated. It helps in reenergizing the entire body in women. This in turn helps women to keep on performing their normal and routine tasks in an efficient manner.
  • It also has a positive impact on the immunity of the users. It means natural body immunity is improved in a great way. As a result, infection causing microbes are prevented from causing any types of infections in the body. Hence vaginal discharge is also stopped and prevented in an automatic manner.
  • Recurrent vaginitis that is again commonly experienced by women is also prevented automatically. It helps women to say no to this problem and enjoy overall well-being.
  • Any types of irritation, itching or other problems experienced by women in their genitals are soothed down. Hence women are able to enjoy good sexual health.
  • Femiforte also controls and manages the working of the sexual and reproductive hormones in the women’s body. It regulates and normalizes the activity and secretion of all the hormones and enzymes. As a result, normal and orderly working of the female sexual and reproductive systems is also assured in an automatic way.
  • By keeping the vagina in good working condition and in good health, Femiforte helps in assuring normal and proper functioning of all the associated parts and organs of the reproductive system.

By using Femiforte, women may keep their sexual system in good health and enjoy sexual life well. Also it helps in safeguarding women against the mental stress, tension, anxiety or such other issues that may be experienced by them just due to abnormal vaginal discharge.


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