Frigidity – failure of a female to achieve an orgasm and Lack of desire in woman


Package Ingredients

  • Divya Shivlingi Beej 100 gm
  • Divya Putrajivak Beej 200 gm
  • Divya Stri Rasayana Vati 40 gm
  • Divya Chandraprabha Vati 40 gm
  • Divya Rajah Pravartani Vati 40 gm
  • Divya Falghrit 200 gm
  • Divya Dashmool Kwath 300 gm


Most of us indulge in sex so as to gratify this basic need of the body. But all people may not get complete pleasure and satisfaction from this act. Do you know what makes sexual activity enjoyable and pleasurable? It is the proper response and equal participation on the part of both the sex partners. However, sometimes the female partner may not be able to respond truly and completely during this act. It may be due to frigidity.

What is frigidity?

Suggested by the name, frigidity means cold response or irresponsiveness towards sexual intercourse. This condition can be commonly found in almost all women during menstrual periods, pregnancy, menopause, prolonged illness or such other stages of life. But some women may suffer from this issue continuously and chronically. It makes the other partner frustrated as his physical lust is not satisfied in an appropriate manner. Consequently, the emotional and personal life of the two partners is disturbed in a negative way.

When a woman suffers from frigidity for significantly lengthy time period it means there is something wrong with her sexual system or some other physical parts or body processes. Frigidity may be caused in women owing to numerous underlying causes. It may also be an indicative of some other health issues related to the sexual or reproductive system of women. Hence it is very much important that women showing coldness or disinterestedness towards sexual act must get help from gynaecologists and get appropriate solution to their problems.

Psychological impact

Even mental or psychological aspect of such women is affected adversely due to constant demand from their partners for sexual gratification and inability of the fairer sex to fulfil the same. Some women may even start feeling embarrassed, depressed and develop low self esteem due to this problem. Owing to same reasons it is always suggestible to get appropriate treatment for this problem by timely diagnosis and treatment plans.

Why does the problem of frigidity arise in women?

There are certain situational reasons as well as some other specific reasons that may result in frigidity in women. The major reasons for occurrence of this problem are as follows.

  1. Advancement in age that results in physical weakness
  2. Hormonal imbalance
  3. Pregnancy
  4. Lactation
  5. Menopause
  6. Menstruation
  7. Use of birth control pills by women
  8. Post natal periods
  9. Sexual abuse in the past life
  10. Guilt feeling towards sexual act
  11. Injury to the sexual parts or organs or in the pelvic region
  12. Fear of pain during sexual act
  13. Negative mental states such as stress, tension, anxiety, depression and nervousness
  14. Inconsistent behaviour during sexual act by the opposite partner
  15. Suppression of natural urge for sex due to any reasons that may lead to frigidity later on
  16. Vaginal spasms or vaginismus
  17. Lack of proper communication amid two sexual partners

What do women suffering from frigidity feel like?

Well, such women may show complete or partial disinterestedness towards sexual act. Also they may suffer from the problem of lack of sexual desire. There may be stress, tension and depression in such women.

How to manage the problem of frigidity in women?

As we all know sexual act is quite important for anyone. To accomplish it in a healthy and pleasurable manner it is very much important that both the partners may take active part in this act. Women suffering from frigidity need to get proper and appropriate treatment so that they may also enjoy this act in an excellent way. They may find numbers of medicines in the market that claim to arouse sexual desire in women. But use of such medicines may not offer long lasting results. It is best to opt for such a treatment plan that offers effective and long lasting results. Package of medicine for frigidity as available under Divya or Patanjali brand is apt in this respect. It is an herbal approach towards management of this problem and hence free from any contradictions or side effects.

Why should women use Ramdev health pack for frigidity?

Ramdev health pack for frigidity is an absolute solution for this sexual disorder. It is useful for the women in multiple ways as mentioned below.

  • It helps in arousing sexual desire in women in a natural manner. It is done by acting deeply on the sexual organs and parts so that they may be aroused for the sexual act.
  • It aids in improving blood flow to the sexual organs and parts so that women may get excited for the sexual intercourse.
  • All the parts and organs of the sexual system are well-nurtured with the help of this wonderful herbal remedy. This in turn cures the problem of frigidity in an excellent way.
  • Disturbed hormonal balance is retained so that the sexual system may keep on working normally.
  • It also aids in healing nay injuries to the sexual parts or organs internally so that the pain experienced during sexual act may be prevented.
  • Menstrual cycles in women are regulated and normalized. As a result of this, women remain active for the sexual act without experiencing any issues.


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