Ayurvedic Remedies for Hair Loss and Premature Greying Treatments



  • Amalaki rasayan
  • Saptamrit lauh
  • Trikatu churan
  • Amala churan
  • Ashwagandha capsules
  • Divya kesh tailam
  • Arogya vardani vati
  • Praval pishti





Do you know about alopecia? It is a condition that is related to the scalp and hairs of a person. Under this condition there is excessive loss of hairs from the scalp of the sufferer. It may even create some gaps in the hairs at various places on our scalp. Generally, most of us lose hairs from our scalp while combing in day to day life. it is a normal process as weak and damaged hairs are removed from the scalp this way and hence way for regeneration of new hair cells is paved in this process. However, when this problem is faced by a person severely then this condition is called as hair loss or hair fall.
Alopecia may be categorized into two types- alopecia areate and alopecia totalis. The first one is characterized by loss of hairs from some particular areas of the scalp. On the other hand, the latter one is characterized by occurrence of this problem all through the scalp.
Another common problem that is found in majority of people is that of premature greying of hairs. Although colour of hairs changes with advancement in age in all people however when this problem is found at a younger age then it is referred to as premature greying of hairs.
Generally, problem of hair loss and premature greying is normal in old age or during advancing years of age. Occurrence of these problems at an early age is definitely a matter of worry and needs immediate attention and cure.

Why do the problems of hair loss and premature greying arise?

Advancement in age is definitely a major reason for occurrence of these issues. But some other specific reasons may also be held responsible for occurrence of these problems as discussed below.

  1. People who are deficit in certain specific nutrients in their diet are at high risk of suffering from this problem. Lack of nutrients results in poor growth of the hairs and in turn their weakness and hence unnecessary loss.
  2. Excessive smoking may also have an adverse effect on the health and colour of the hairs.
  3. Exposure to harmful pollutants such as dust, dirt, smoke, pollens and allergens is also among the major reasons for occurrence of this problem.
  4. Genetic factors also have a major role to play in triggering the condition of hair loss and premature greying.
  5. Those who suffer from extreme mental stress, tension and depression are also prone to suffer from the problem of hair loss and premature greying.
  6. Use of chemical based hair products or over use of such products is also an important culprit for these hair issues.
  7. Use of hard water to wash your hairs may trigger these problems.
  8. Health conditions such as cancer and those related to the thyroid gland may also be the chief offenders of hair problems.
  9. Apart from this, allergies, infections, surgeries, use of certain medicines and drugs, exposure to harmful radiations are also among the major causes of hair fall and premature greying.

How to manage the problem of hair loss and premature greying?

Believing hair care products available in the market to be apt in the management of the problem of hair loss and premature greying most people start using these products. Instead of getting any benefit from these products most people aggravate these conditions further. It is all due to use of chemicals in these products that start causing harm to the hairs and the scalp.
Rather than using such hair care products it is advisable to opt for a natural approach towards management of these hair problems. It is possible by using herbal or ayurvedic products available in the market that aim at promoting overall health and appearance of the hairs. Baba Ramdev health pack for hair loss and premature greying is perhaps most appropriate and preferable in this regard.

What is Ramdev health pack for hair loss and premature greying?

Ramdev health pack for hair loss and premature greying consists of numbers of herbal formulas as given below.
  1. Amalaki rasayan
  2. Saptamrit lauh
  3. Trikatu churan
  4. Amala churan
  5. Ashwagandha capsules
  6. Divya kesh tailam
  7. Arogya vardani vati
  8. Praval pishti

These are all advantageous for the users in multiple ways.

Why use Ramdev health pack for hair loss and premature greying?

  1. It offers effective and long lasting solution for almost all types of hair issues.
  2. Hair loss is reduced and gradually stopped.
  3. Natural hair colour is retained and further greying of the hairs is also prevented.
  4. Hairs are strengthened to prevent hair loss in future.
  5. Density and volume of hair is increased.
  6. The lustre and shining of the hairs is also improved.
  7. Hairs are made soft and smooth. Also their texture is improved.
  8. Hairs and scalp is well-nurtured so as to ensure good health of the hairs.

All types of hair problems and any issues relevant to the scalp are well-managed so that you may boast off lustrous hairs. And it is possible only with the use of Ramdev health pack for hair loss and premature greying.


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