High cholesterol problem


Package Ingredients

  1. Divya Medohar vati – 50 gm
  2. Divya Triphala guggulu – 40 gm
  3. Divya Arogyawardhini Vati – 40 gm


The fatty and waxy component called as cholesterol is an important part of the blood. It is required in normal limits for normal blood functions. This waxy substance contributes towards building of body cells. Smaller amount of cholesterol in blood is but okay for anyone. However the condition becomes worrisome when the amount or level of cholesterol goes beyond normal permissible limits. It is because extremely high levels of blood cholesterol start depositing in the arteries thereby causing the blood pressure to rise. Excessively high cholesterol level is not at all good for your heart health. Due to deposition of cholesterol in the form of plaque in the arteries the supply of blood and oxygen also becomes obstructed. As a result of this, the heart functions are also affected in an adverse manner.

High blood cholesterol is medically referred to as Hypercholestremia. It is an unfavourable condition that is not even good for your brain. It is because high blood cholesterol is one among the major reasons for brain stroke in large numbers of people. Faulty and improper eating habits and unhealthy and inactive lifestyle are the major culprits for this health issue. It may become quite worrisome at times. Presence of cholesterol in the arteries in deposited form reduces and obstructs blood as well as oxygen supply to all the body parts and organs. That is why such patients always feel deficit of energy.

Why do people suffer from the problem of high blood cholesterol?

Numbers of reasons or factors can be blamed for causing excessively high blood cholesterol in a person. These may be related to the diet and lifestyle of the patient. Even some other inevitable reasons may be there. These may include-

  • People who consume fatty, oily, fried and indigestible foods are at high risk of suffering from the problem of high blood cholesterol. It is due to inability of the body to oxidize such high fat content from diet into energy.
  • Problems concerned with kidneys or liver may also be held responsible for causing this problem. It is due disturbance in the normal process of digestion and detoxification of the body.
  • People who remain physically inactive are also seen suffering from this problem. It is because fats consumed by the body keep on accumulating in the body and don’t get consumed up completely.
  • Those who indulge in smoking and alcohol excessively are also seen complaining of this problem. It is due to constriction of the vessels which is further aggravated by plaque deposition.
  • Certain disorders such as high blood sugar and hypothyroidism are also known to be chief offenders of this problem.
  • Over weightiness is definitely a major cause of high blood cholesterol.
  • Those who have family history of the problem are also more prone to suffer from this problem.

What problems do arise due to high blood cholesterol?

It is not only the increased level of cholesterol in the blood that is caused due to hypercholestremia but numerous other issues are also experienced by the patient. The patient complains of pain and heaviness in the chest. There is also the problem of breathlessness. The patient is not able to carry out even minor physical activity due to shortness of breath. There is constant feeling of tiredness or fatigue. Also there is the problem of excessive sweating.

How to get rid of high blood cholesterol?

As stated above, high blood cholesterol is risky for overall well-being of the patients. Hence this condition needs a timely diagnosis and proper treatment. It is very much important to reduce excessively high level of blood cholesterol and get rid of the same permanently. At the same time, it is also important that you must use such treatment plan that is effective in the long run. It means the medicines or treatments to be used by you must be able to keep this problem at bay in future too. Baba Ramdev Health Package for high cholesterol has been designed and developed keeping in mind the same fact. It acts in a natural manner on the body and lowers down extremely high blood cholesterol.

How is Baba Ramdev Health Package for high cholesterol useful?

This health pack is useful in following ways.

  • The problem of high blood cholesterol is managed in a natural manner. The high blood cholesterol is lowered down.
  • It helps in removing chest pain and heaviness of the chest too.
  • The normal supply of blood and oxygen is ensured to the heart and the entire body.
  • It also prevents hypertension caused due to high cholesterol.
  • The arteries are cleared of any clogging or blockage.
  • It optimizes heart functions.
  • Heart and all its parts are nurtured well.
  • Problem of physical weakness, exhaustion and tiredness is done away with.
  • Complete detoxification of the blood is assured.
  • Metabolism of fats is optimized to prevent plaque deposition in the arteries.


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