Holy Basil Tulsi Ghan Vati for immune support 2 Bottles




Proper working of the immune system is very much important to safeguard the body against attack of infectious diseases. It is particularly true for sensitive systems of the body such as respiratory system. If a person has low body immunity or there is some malfunctioning of the immune system then the concerned person is prone to fall prey to numerous infectious diseases easily. The immunity of a person gets developed right from childhood. Some children have strong immune system while few unlucky ones have weak immune system. Those who have weakly working immune system fall ill more often. They may suffer from cold, cough, flu and fever more frequently. As a result of this, the overall well-being of the concerned person is affected in an adverse manner.

To retain normal functions of the immune system and improve natural body immunity, an herbal formula called as Divya Tulsi Ghan Vati is advised to be used. It is a fantastic remedy that helps in enhancing the immunity of the body in a natural body. Thus the body is protected against attack of infections and the microbes responsible for causing such infections. Also it is very much useful in management of numbers of minor as well as major health issues. Particularly it finds application in managing diseases related to the respiratory system. People who are at risk of suffering from respiratory issues more common may use this wonderful herbal medicine and stay protected.

What it contains?

Suggested by the name, Divya Tulsi Ghan Vati has been prepared from the pure herbal extracts of Holy Basil leaves. It is totally a safe formula that is free from any chemicals or hazardous agents whatsoever.

How to take?

It is advised to take 1-2 tablets of this formula twice in a day with lukewarm water. The dosage may vary as per individual health issues. Therefore consultation with a healthcare practitioner is recommendable.

How does Divya Tulsi Ghan Vati benefit the users?

There is a long list of benefits that are offered by this herbal medicine to the users. Due to same reason, it has gained popularity fast across the globe. In fact, it has replaced other conventional medicines and antibiotics for management of infections as well as other minor health issues. Constant and continuous use of this formula helps in improving the efficiency of immune system to great extent. Therefore chances of falling ill and in turn dependence upon medicines are also reduced greatly. Following are the major benefits obtainable from this superb herbal preparation for the users.

  • Divya Tulsi Ghan Vatiis an excellent treatment option for treatment and prevention of infections related to the respiratory system. The natural extracts of Tulsi present in this formula aid in early and quick recovery from various types of infections associated with the respiratory system.
  • People who fall prey to recurrent infections related to the upper and lower respiratory organs may use this medicine and stay protected.
  • Those who have low body immunity may also get benefited as it helps them to improve their natural body immunity in wonderful manners.
  • Acute and chronic cough both can be got ridden of very efficiently using Divya Tulsi Ghan Vati. It helps in clearing the respiratory tract and the entire respiratory system of any mucus. Thus normal and unobstructed breathing is assured automatically.
  • Irritation in the throat and the respiratory pathways is soothed down in an efficient way. It has a very soothing effect on the entire respiratory system.
  • In the same way, cold is also treated in a very effective way using this wonderful herbal preparation. It helps in getting rid of cold as well as other problems caused due to it.
  • Divya Tulsi Ghan Vatiis a very good remedy for children during winters. They may enjoy good health in a natural manner by staying protected against the attack of numerous infectious diseases. It helps in prevention of occurrence of numbers of respiratory diseases as well as other commonly experienced problems in an efficient way.
  • This magical formula also finds application in management of stomach infections. It protects stomach and the entire digestive system against the attack of infectious diseases.
  • Stomach pain, swelling in the stomach or state of indigestion can be got ridden of in a very effective way.
  • Patients of asthma, bronchitis or such other discomforting respiratory issues may get rid of the same by using this herbal preparation. It allows the patients to keep their respiratory system protected against multiple problems during seasonal changes.
  • Small children may be protected against attack of pneumonia and other issues related to the respiratory system with the use of this herbal preparation.
  • The blood supply to the lungs and also the entire body is improved. As a result, it improves overall functioning of the entire body.

The blood is purified with the use of this remedy so that users may remain free from various types of skin problems.


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