Patanjali Kesh Kanti Hair Growth Oil, 120ml




Tired of using different types of products or cosmetics to deal with hair problems? Are your problems worsening day by day? Have you tried all remedial options? Then you should just try once more. Start using Patanjali Kesh Tel introduced by Divya pharmacy of Baba Ramdev Ji. It is just like nectar and one stop-solution to all your hair problems.

How is Patanjali Kesh Tel manufactured?

Safety of the users’ hairs is the foremost concern for Patanjali pharmacy. That is why utmost care is taken that only safe and herbal ingredients are used in the manufacturing of this hair oil. It has been prepared from some of the selected herbs found in the nature. The chief constituents of this herbal hair oil include Bhringa-raja, Brahmi, Amalakl (Amala), Shweta Chandana, Daru-haridra, Kamala (lotus), Ananta-mula, Ketaki, Jata-mamsi, Nilini (indigo), Ratan-jot, Gunja (white variety), Priyangu, Lodhra, Naga-kesara, Mushta (Nagar-motha), Bala, sesame oil, etc.

How is Patanjali Kesh Tel beneficial for the users?

There is an endless list of benefits that are offered by Patanjali Kesh Tel to the users. The major and most important benefits obtainable with the use of this product are as listed below.

Hair health promoter

Patanjali Kesh Tel acts as an excellent promoter of good health of your hairs in a natural manner. It helps in dealing with any types of hair issues that may interfere with their good health and outer appearance too. You may get excellently healthy and rejuvenated hairs using this herbal hair oil.

Hair issue tackler

Patanjali Kesh Tel is also a superb hair issue tackler. It means you may deal with numerous hair issues that are experienced by you commonly. It attacks at the root cause of hair fall, hair loss, split ends and numerous other common problems. It allows you to have problem-free and flawless hairs and that too in a natural way.

Shining and radiating hairs

Patanjali Kesh Tel helps in imparting a wonderful shine and radiance to your hairs. Those who are struggling with the problem of dull and lifeless hairs may use this oil and eradicate such problems.

Hair strengthening agent

Those struggling with the problem of weakness of hairs and hair roots may use this oil and get rid of this problem. This ayurvedic oil is a very good strengthening agent for your hairs. It helps in improving strength of hair roots so that unnecessary fall down or hair loss may be automatically treated and prevented.

Calms down your brain

Patanjali Kesh Tel gets absorbed deeply into the scalp and hence calms down the brain of any negative mental states. Those suffering from stress, tension, depression and anxiety may use this oil and get relieved in an astonishingly effective way.

Beneficial for eyes

Not only hairs and brain but Patanjali Kesh Tel is equally useful in case of eyes. It helps in improving eye vision and relieving them of stress, strains etc. It offers a soothing and cooling effect to your eyes as well.

Headache relief

Patanjali Kesh Tel is a very efficient and excellent reliever for different types of headaches. People who complain of headaches frequently must use this oil to get rid of their problem for good.

Treatment of skin conditions related to scalp

The wonderful herbs present in Patanjali Kesh Tel helps in management of different types of skin conditions associated with the scalp. You may get rid of irritation, itching, inflammation or such other problems from the scalp using magical formula. Even skin allergies of different types on the scalp may be managed very well.

Nourishing agent for hairs and scalp

Presence of numbers of herbs and other natural components in Patanjali Kesh Tel makes it an excellent nourishing agent for both hairs and the scalp. By using this oil, you may supply all the essential nutrients to the hairs and skin of scalp. This in turn assures good health and most optimal functions related to both these in a natural way.

Improved memory and concentration

Massaging your hairs and scalp regularly with Patanjali Kesh Tel is very much helpful in improving blood and oxygen supply to your hairs and scalp. This in turn helps in increasing your memory and concentration to considerable extent. The nerves of the brain are also strengthened this way.

Good night’s sleep

Patanjali Kesh Tel also allows users to have sound and undisturbed sleep. Those who find problems in sleeping may use this hair oil and induce sleep naturally.

How to use?

It is really easy and simple to use Patanjali Kesh Tel. The users just need to apply the oil to their hairs and roots properly and thoroughly. It is best to use it at night time so that the oil may get completely absorbed into your scalp. Wash off with mild herbal shampoo next morning. To have most excellent and desired results, use it regularly.


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