Dant medicated oral gel 200g – fluorinated with effective herbal extracts. Useful in hot -cold sensation gingivitis, toothache . Bad breath and spongy bleeding gums




Proper care of teeth and all the dental parts is very much important for overall well-being of the human body. It is because health of the mouth or dental parts is related to the overall health of the entire body. For this, we use toothpaste or gels available in the market under various brands. These are specifically meant to cleanse your teeth, gums and other oral parts in an apt way. But some of these teeth care products may contain certain chemicals that may cause harm to the overall health of the teeth and also other parts inside the mouth. As a result of this, overall health of the human body may get affected in an adverse way.

Now one may wonder what to do to keep your dental parts in good health and that too without causing any harm to the same. In this respect, herbal dental care products prove to be a good option. It is due to the reason that herbal products meant for dental care help in cleaning your teeth and other dental parts in a safe and reliable way. One such product is called as Divya Dant Medicated Oral Gel. It is absolutely an herbal or organic product that keeps your teeth, gums as well as other parts of the mouth in an excellently healthy condition.

As the name suggests, Divya Dant Medicated Oral Gel has been manufactured and introduced by the Patanjali or Divya pharmacy of Swami Ramdev Ji. It has been very carefully prepared without using any chemicals or other hazardous ingredients. Hence it is totally a safe and reliable product that aids in promoting good health and most optimal functions of the teeth and gums.

What is it comprised of?

Divya Dant Medicated Oral Gel has been prepared from the selected herbal ingredients as listed below.

  • Haldi, (Curcuma longa)
  • Vajradanti, (Barleria Prionitis)
  • Babul, (Acacia Arabica)
  • Pudina, (Mentha spicala)
  • Vidang (Embelia ribes)
  • Neem (Azadirachta indica)
  • Tomar, ( Xanthoxylum alatum)
  • Loung, (Syzygium aromaticum)

All these constituents are being used since ancient times to keep oral parts in good working condition as well as in good health.

How to use?

Just like any other normal toothpaste, you need to use Divya Dant Medicated Oral Gel to brush your teeth twice in a day. Use it in the morning after waking up and at night time before going to bed. Regular use of this gel allows you to have shining and healthier teeth.

Important note– It is worth noting that this toothpaste should be used by people above 7 years of age only. It should not be given to kids below seven years of age.

How is Dant Medicated Oral Gel beneficial for the users?

Divya Dant Medicated Oral Gel is useful in multiple ways for the users as given below.

  1. It is an excellent cleaning product for cleaning your teeth and gums. It is a regular use product that offers excellent results when used regularly and continuously.
  2. Dant Medicated Oral Gel is very much efficient in the management of sensitivity of teeth. Those who complain of sensitivity of teeth towards hot or cold things may use this oral gel. It helps in eradication of this problem.
  3. It aids in getting rid of the problem of gingivitis. Thus you may have problem-free teeth.
  4. Problem of toothache that is again quite common in large numbers of people can be managed in a very effective way with the help of this oral gel. It allows users to get rid of pain from the teeth so that they may get relieved and keep on eating anything without experiencing any pain or other problems.
  5. Some people are affected with the problem of bad breath coming from the mouth. Again Divya Dant Medicated Oral Gel finds application in the management of this problem well. You may get rid of foul smell coming from the mouth by using this oral gel on regular basis. It is done by removal of all the microbes or leftovers present in the mouth. This in turn keeps the problem of foul smell coming from the mouth at bay.
  6. Problem of bleeding gums that may again be suffered by anyone irrespective of different reasons can be tackled and managed in an excellent manner. It helps in stopping and inhibiting bleeding from the gums. Also it heals any injuries or problems that may cause bleeding from the gums. It helps in keeping this problem at bay in future.
  7. Swelling caused in the gums that may be experienced by anyone may be relieved with the use of Divya Dant Medicated Oral Gel. The swelling in the gums is first reduced and then eradicated completely.

Patanjali Dant Medicated Oral Gel is a complete and absolute solution for all types of oral issues. It may be used by anyone without the fear of any side-effects or hazards on the oral parts.


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