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Night Fall

As the name suggests, night fall is a problem that occurs in young males or even adults at night time when they are asleep. It is defined as an impulsive orgasm in men that occurs automatically without any triggers. It occurs when a person is still sleeping. Usually, young men or teens are found struggling with this problem. However, some adults or even mature men may also get affected by it. Since it is a natural phenomenon in young males therefore it is not a matter of worry. In young men or teens, it gets cured with the passage of time. But when this problem is found in elderly and that too for considerable length of time then it really needs to be managed.

Night fall is also referred to as nocturnal emission, night discharge and wet dreams. Generally, nocturnal emission is noticed in men during late night or early hours in the morning. Men ejaculate semen from the penis when they are still asleep involuntarily. It is because there is excess of semen in male reproductive organs that gets discharged automatically during sleep. During this process, men don’t have a control over their penis. Hence this action takes place involuntarily.  In case, there is discharge of excess of semen from male penis and that too quite frequently then it may indicate towards some underlying health issues.

Why do men suffer from night fall?

Although night fall is a common and natural process related to men’s bodies however it has some definite triggers. The major triggering factors for night fall include-

  1. Hormonal changes taking place in the body during teen years. Even adults may also sometime experience these changes in their bodies owing to certain reasons.
  2. Those who suffer from the problem of fullness of the bladder and particularly during sleep are also prone to suffer from this problem. It is because when urinary bladder is full then it starts exerting pressure on the reproductive organs thereby causing involuntary discharge during sleep.
  3. Men who take testosterone based drugs are also at high risk of getting affected with this condition. It is because their sexual organs become over-active and may even result in loss of control over the same by the users at times.

What problems are caused due to night fall?

The problem of night fall is not just restricted to involuntary or uncontrolled discharge of semen during sleep. Rather it may result in some other issues too in men. The major problems caused due to night fall in majority of men are as follows.

  1. Such men suffer from the problem of wooziness or dizziness. It may be due to negative effect on the mental set up of the concerned person.
  2. Also such men complain of physical weakness. It is due to frequent and excessive discharge of semen and that too in an uncontrolled way.
  3. The concerned people also suffer from the problem of mental weakness. It is due to diversion in their mind that makes them inattentive.
  4. Due to involuntary discharge during night time or early in the morning, the concerned men also suffer from lack of sleep or disturbance in their sleep. They may get up late at night or during odd hours in the morning and may not be able to get back to sleep again.
  5. In some cases, discharge of urine is also noticed along with semen that may make them feel embarrassed.
  6. There is loss of sexual desire due to frequent discharge.
  7. There is adverse effect on the sexual capacity and sexual performance of such men.
  8. Erectile dysfunction is also a common problem in such men.
  9. Other health issues may also arise such as loss of memory, mental stress, pain in the knees and loss of sight or dim vision.

How to manage the problem of night fall?

Since night fall is not just restricted to nocturnal emissions therefore it must be managed well-in-time. Also use of appropriate curative and preventative measures is equally important in this respect. Ramdev Baba health pack has been designed specifically for such men. It is an organic product that helps men to get rid of this problem and enjoy their sexual life.

Why should men use Ramdev health pack for night fall?

Ramdev health pack for night fall is recommendable for men owing to multiple benefits associated with its use. The chief advantages of using this health pack are as follows.

  1. It helps in getting rid of this problem quite fast.
  2. Male sex organs are strengthened.
  3. It allows men to have better control over ejaculation.
  4. Sexual desire is increased.
  5. Sexual stamina is also improved.
  6. Men are able to give their best performance during actual sexual act.
  7. It helps in getting rid of general body weakness by revitalizing and rejuvenating the entire body.
  8. It is useful in case of other sexual disorders too.
  9. It helps men to retain their youthful vigour and capacity naturally.


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