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Most of us experience excessive dryness on the skin of our hands. It is due to frequent washing of the hands with soaps or hand washes or such other products. It is done so as to cleanse our hands of the dust, dirt, microbes and other harm causing agents present on them. Hands are exposed to all sorts of external agents, pollutants and allergens present in the environment. That is why it is advised to wash your hands before and after meals as well as when we come from outside.

Although we wash our hands with the hand wash products however these may cause harm to the skin of our hands. It is owing to presence of chemicals or other unfavourable ingredients in these products. The skin becomes rough and dry due to loss of moisture. At the same time, it may cause irritation, itching and cuts on the skin. All this is done due to presence of harsh chemicals or other ingredients in such products that are used by us in routine life to wash our hands.

To protect our hands from all such harms and retain their natural moisture, an excellent product called as Patanjali Olive Hand Wash has been made available by Patanjali pharmacy of Swami Ramdev Ji. It is an excellent hand wash product that may be used by anyone to wash the hands and keep them protected in all respects.

What are the active constituents of Patanjali Olive Hand Wash?

As the name suggests, olive is the chief constituent of this herbal hand wash. Additionally, it is also rich in neem, Tulsi and Aloe Vera. All these are known for their positive impact on the skin. Hence good health of the skin of hands is ensured in an automatic manner. That is why it is considered to be a safe hand wash.

What are the features of Patanjali Olive Hand Wash?

  • It is an herbal hand wash.
  • It is a good moisturizing agent for the skin.
  • It exhibits anti-microbial action as well.
  • It retains softness and elasticity of the skin of hands.
  • It keeps the skin of hands intact and in good health.
  • It smells nice.
  • It has good consistency.
  • It forms lather well.
  • Even a single drop is enough for single hand wash.
  • Its packaging is really good.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It is priced quite low.
  • It acts in a gentle manner on the skin of hands to cleanse them completely and efficiently.

How to use?

You just need to apply this herbal hand wash on your wet hands. Rub gently and thoroughly inside out on the hands. Then wash off with normal water. It gives you completely cleaned hands with good fragrance.

Why should you use Patanjali Olive Hand Wash?

Patanjali Olive Hand Wash is recommendable to be used by anyone attributed to multiple benefits offered by it to the users. Have a look at its chief benefits.

  1. It helps in total cleaning of your hands. It helps in removal of dust, dirt, microbes, pollutants and other hazardous agents from the hands so that you may have clean and healthy hands.
  2. It is gentle on the skin of hands. Unlike other products such as soaps or hand washes available in the market, Patanjali Olive Hand Wash is free of any chemicals or such ingredients that may cause harm to the skin of hands.
  3. The natural softness and smoothness of the skin of hands is retained and maintained. It means you can have soft and smooth hands even when this product is used regularly and frequently for the purpose of hand washing.
  4. The germs or other microbes present on the hands are killed and removed so that you may be able to enjoy overall well-being. It is all due to anti-microbial action exhibited by neem content of this hand wash.
  5. It suits all types of skin of the hands of users. Anyone irrespective of the type of skin may use this hand wash and keep his/her hands clean in a natural and safe way.
  6. Problem of the roughness of the skin of hands is tackled and managed in a very efficient way when you use this herbal hand wash. It helps in getting rid of roughness and dryness from the hands and makes the skin soft and smooth.
  7. You may keep your hands protected against the attack of numerous skin infections by using this hand wash.
  8. Presence of olive oil in this hand wash helps in keeping the skin of your hands well-moisturized. Also it locks the natural skin moisture to keep various skin problems at bay that may be caused due to loss of moisture.

Patanjali Olive Hand Wash may be used by anyone who is desirous of having clean and germ-free hands. It is safe and trustworthy hand wash that may be used without the fear of any side-effects.


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