Penis Curvature (Peyronie’s disease)


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The simplest definition of penis curvature is a curve in the shaft of the penis. Generally, most men have straight penis when these are erect. However, some men may have a slight curve in their penis at the point of shaft. This curve interferes with normal penetration of the penis into female sex organs during the process of sexual intercourse. It may result in pain and uneasiness for men during penetration. Also the female partner may experience discomfort during penetration due to curve in the male sex organ. In some cases, the condition may not be so painful and doesn’t cause any problem. However in some other cases, the entire sexual life of the sufferer may be affected adversely.

Problem of penis curvature was discovered by scientist named Peyronie and hence its name Peyronie’s disease. It is caused due to damage to the tissues located around the shaft of the penis. Also obstructed or poor blood supply may be responsible for causing this problem in male population. Men suffering from penis curvature may also experience weakness of the penile muscles. As a result, they are not able to achieve harder and stronger erections. Other sexual dysfunctions may also arise due to this problem.

Why do men suffer from penis curvature?

Chiefly, scarring of the tissues along the shaft of the penis is responsible for occurrence of this problem. Also some other factors may result in this condition in men. The major causes of penis curvature are as follows.

  • Men who are deficit of sex hormones in their bodies may be seen suffering from this problem.
  • Men who have suffered an injury to their penis may suffer from scarring of the penis tissue and in turn the problem of penis curvature.
  • In some men, the problem is there right from the birth. It may be due to improper or abnormal growth of the male sex hormone in mothers’ womb.
  • Men who suffer from the problem of leakage from the blood vessels in the penile region due to any reasons are also at high risk of getting affected with this issue.

What problems are caused due to penis curvature?

Apart from bent or curvature in the penis, this condition is also accompanied by some other troubles in relation to the male sex organs as well as the sexual act. Generally, men complain of following problems.

  • There is difficulty in achievement of an erection. Even if the erection is achieved then men are unable to keep it erect for long time.
  • The shaft of the penis becomes slightly thick. As a result, the process of penile penetration into female vagina becomes painful and difficult.
  • Men experience moderate to severe pain during an erection or penetration.
  • Men may also experience tenderness around the penis.
  • There is feeling of pain upon touching the penis.
  • Such men may even suffer from low self-esteem and embarrassment in front of their partners due to their inability to take active part in the sexual act.

How to manage the problem of penis curvature?

In the conventional medicine world, mild surgery may be performed to correct the curvature in the penis. But it has its own side-effects. Also chances of recurrence of the problem are there. In some cases, the problem doesn’t get cured even after surgery is performed. In such a situation, use of herbal or natural remedies is best preferred. It is due to the effectiveness of these remedies. At the same time, herbal remedies are free from any side-effects on the body. Ramdev health pack for penis curvature is one of the most excellent herbal remedies available for proper and permanent treatment of this problem. Also it helps in further prevention of the same.

What is Ramdev health pack for penis curvature?

It is a set of herbal formulas or products that can be used to get rid of abnormality in the penis structure.  Orgy Oil and Divya Youvanamrit Vati are the major herbal products that are used under this health pack.

Why should men use Ramdev health pack for penis curvature?

Multiple advantages offered by this health pack make it apt to be used by men.

  1. It corrects the abnormality in the penis structure.
  2. The penis is made straight slowly by getting rid of the scarring of the tissues.
  3. The strength of the penile muscles is also improved.
  4. Blood flow to the penis is increased so that men may be able to achieve harder erections and that too for prolonged time.
  5. The process of penetration of the penis during intercourse into female sex organs is eased.
  6. Pain and other discomforts in the penile region are all eradicated.
  7. It also retains normal hormonal balance in the body.
  8. Sexual desire as well as sexual stamina of men is increased to significant extent.

Men struggling with the problem of small size of penis also get benefited with this herbal aid.


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