Best Natural Method for Fistula and Piles Treatment by Swami Ramdev ji

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Have you ever suffered from piles and fistula? Perhaps, you may have suffered from this problem mildly. But those who experience these problems chronically or severely know the pain and discomforts in the anal region. The pain, itching, irritation and burning sensation caused in the anal region makes the condition of the sufferer totally miserable. Due to hardness and redness in this area, the patient is not able to sit. The pain and other symptoms get aggravated when the patient sits or even stands for long time.

Medically, piles are defined as mass of cells that congregate in the anal region and become hard. It is due to excessive pressure in and around anus due to variety of factors. Reduced blood and oxygen supply results in appearance of numbers of symptoms such as itching, irritation and burning sensation etc. The condition is characterized by swelling as well that makes the condition of the patient worse.

The second problem i.e. fistula is as painful as piles. In this condition, skin erupts between the anus and scrotum thereby leading to formation of a hole therein. Again it is painful as this condition is also accompanied by numbers of symptoms.

The severity and intensity of pain associated with both piles and fistula demand immediate and effective treatment for both the conditions.

Natural Management of piles and fistula

Since piles and fistula both are already painful and discomforting for the patients therefore it is very much important to opt for a safe treatment option. Use of otherwise hazardous medicines or treatments may aggravate the condition further instead of doing any good to the patient. That is why Baba Ramdev Ji has made available a safe and effective cure for these painful conditions. It is accessible in the form of Ramdev health pack for piles and fistula. It is a unique amalgamation of herbs that existed in the Mother Nature since ancient times. In fact, these herbs were the basis of treatment of piles and fistula in the ancient ayurvedic medicine system. This wonderful health pack is comprised of multiple herbal constituents as listed hereunder.

  1. Divya Avipatikar churun
  2. Divya Hingwashtak churun
  3. Divya Spatika Bhasam
  4. Divya Arshkalp Vati
  5. Divya Churun
  6. Divya Jatyadi tailam

All these are appropriate and efficient in management of piles and fistula in an absolutely natural way.

Reasons to use Ramdev health pack for piles and fistula

Ramdev health pack for piles and fistula is recommendable for patients owing to numerous benefits offered by it to the users. Have a look.

  1. The patients are greatly relieved of the pain in the anus and scrotum region.
  2. The swelling caused in the anal region is reduced and slowly got ridden of.
  3. The patients are able to retain softness of the skin tissues in the affected areas. It is done by alleviation of hardness. Slowly the hardness is completely eradicated from the skin.
  4. Also redness caused in the anus is eliminated.
  5. The burning sensation felt by the patients in the painful area is soothed down.
  6. Likewise the patients are able to get rid of itching, irritation and inflammation in the affected areas.
  7. The blood circulation to the affected area is improved significantly. It offers great relief to the patients.
  8. Similarly, the cells and tissues in the anus area are supplied with improved supply of oxygen too.
  9. The healing process is paced up for quick recovery.
  10. The chief offender of piles i.e. constipation is also got ridden of. It is even efficient in the management of chronic constipation.
  11. It sets all the digestive functions alright. This action is very much helpful in keeping the problem of piles and fistula at bay.
  12. Bleeding as well as non-bleeding both the types of piles are well-treated and managed using this health pack.
  13. Apart from treatment of piles and fistula, it also aids in prevention of this problem in future.
  14. Above all this health pack is totally free from any risks on the overall health of the patients in any ways.

What else?

The patients need to pay attention to some important points to keep the problem of piles and fistula at bay in future. Keep reading.

  1. The patients should avoid sitting or standing in the same posture for long time.
  2. Sedentary or inactive lifestyle should be given up.
  3. Get engaged in some sort of exercises on daily basis. Even simple walking, jogging or running may suffice your purpose well.
  4. Don’t let constipation to stand for long time.
  5. Get adequate fibre in your diet.
  6. Drink plenty of fluids daily.
  7. Abstinence from excessive intake of alcohol, tea and coffee is a must.
  8. Change your habit of spending too much time on the toilet seat.
  9. Excessive straining during defecation should be avoided.
  10. Avoid healthy bowel clearance habits.

Piles and fistula can be well-managed and prevented with self-help. Herbal medicines play a vital role in offering an effective and long-lasting cure for these problems.


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