Shukra Shakti Tablets for increase sperm motility – 1 Bottle (60 Capsules) free shipping


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The continuation of this world is possible only through the process of sexual activity that takes place amid people of opposite genders. It is because women may conceive and get pregnant only by getting sperms from their male counterparts. In other words, men make available their sperms so that these may reach the female reproductive system and impregnate women through ovulation, conception and pregnancy. As we all known semen is discharged into female vagina during the sexual act. In order to impregnate women, it is very much important that male semen should have adequate sperm count. There are some specific numbers of sperms that are essentially required for the process of reproduction. A sperm count below this number result in male infertility or failure in fathering a child.

At the same time, it is also important that men should be sexually active and strong so that they may make their female partners pregnant and enjoy the bliss of having children. Apart from problems in the reproductive system, there are numerous problems related to the sexual system of men as well. These may include low sexual desire, sexual debility, and erectile dysfunctions and so on. Whatever the reason may be behind occurrence of such problems, all these interfere with normal sexual activity and in turn reproduction.

To get rid of all such issues and boost sexual life in men, an herbal formulation called as Shukra Shakti has been made available. It is quite useful for millions of men affected with different types of issues related to their sexual and reproductive life. To offer a safe and effective solution for various sexual and reproductive issues, this product has been prepared from only natural and safe components. Thus it may be used by men without the fear of any side-effects or ill-effects on overall body health.

What is the composition?

Shukra Shakti tablets are enriched with the goodness of below-mentioned herbal ingredients. All these are safe and effective in the management of numbers of issues that are experienced by men in relation to their sexual and reproductive life.

  • Eulophia Compesris (Salam Mishri)
  • Ashparagus Adscendus (Swet Mushli)
  • Santalum Album (Chandan Sweta)
  • Asterakantha Longifolia (Talmakhana)
  • Mucana Purients (Kaunch Beej)
  • Sachharum Officinarium (Mishri)
  • Ellettaria Cardamomum (Elaichi)

Men desirous of enjoying their sexual life and have children may use this formula in a fearless manner as it doesn’t cause any health contradictions.

What is the recommended dosage?

It is advised to take two tablets of this herbal medicine daily for 2-3 months continuously to get the desired outcomes. It is to be taken with milk for enhanced efficacy.

How is Shukra Shakti beneficial for the users?

Suggested by the name Shukra Shakti tablets are meant to improve sperm count in male semen. It also aids in improving the quality of sperms. At the same time, this magical formulation is also apt in the management of other issues that may be related to the sexual and reproductive system in men. Thus it is a very advantageous product that may be used by men to improve their sexual as well as fertile capacity. Following are some of the major benefits offered by this medicine to the users.

  • Problem of low sperm count is dealt with in a very effective way with the use of this formula. It helps in increasing sperm count so that men may be able to enjoy good sexual and reproductive life.
  • It is an apt solution for male impotence. Men may get rid of any problems or obstructions that may arise in the process of reproduction.
  • It boosts sexual capacity of men to great extent. In fact, men become able to boast off their masculine character with the use of this formula.
  • Problem of low sperm motility in men which is again one among the chief reasons for infertility or impotence in men is got ridden of. It helps in improving motility of sperms so that men may give their cent percent contribution towards the process of reproduction. In simple words, the percentage of normal and healthy sperms is increased in male semen. This in turn allows men to become fathers of healthy children.
  • Males complaining of low sexual desire may also use this product. It helps you to get rid of feelings of coldness or irresponsiveness towards the sexual act. Rather men get aroused naturally and most optimally with the use of this herbal medicine and get engaged in the pleasurable sexual act whole heartedly.
  • The blood flow to the sexual and reproductive systems is improved to great extent. Thus both these systems get adequate nutrients as well as oxygen for their normal and most excellent functions.

Men who have lost their fertile capacity due to any reasons may regain the same and hence enjoy their married and family life fully well.


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