Patanjali Tejus Tailum for both hair and body as massaging oil., 100 ml




Skin and hair are two such parts as well as features of human body that are considered while assessing about the beauty of a person. A person who has good and glowing skin as well as black and shining hairs naturally outshines others. It is because good skin and radiating hairs naturally help in enhancement in overall personality of a person. That is why most people may be seen making efforts to improve the beauty and health of their hairs and skin. In this respect, numbers of skin care as well as hair care products are used. These are all considered under cosmetic products. Generally, such products are prepared using some chemical-based ingredients.

With the use of cosmetics on skin and hairs, you may be happy and in fact impressed to get very good results in the beginning. But you may start getting worried in the long term. It is due to negative effects or you can say side-effects shown by these products on your skin and hairs. The chemicals or other hazardous ingredients found in such cosmetics may cause great harm to your hairs and skin if used for prolonged time period. It means the condition becomes worse instead of getting improved.

Now you may question how to take care of your skin and hairs. For this, you need to be very much careful and wise too. You need to select your products for the skin and hairs very carefully and wisely. That is why Divya Tejus Tailum has been introduced by Patanjali pharmacy of Baba Ramdev Ji. It is totally based on herbal or ayurvedic approach towards management of numbers of issues related to your skin and hairs. Keeping in mind the complete safety of the users’ skin and hairs in all respects, this oil has been prepared from absolutely herbal or natural components.

How is Divya Tejus Tailum prepared?

As stated above, Divya Tejus Tailum is totally an herbal or ayurvedic product. Hence it has been prepared using naturally occurring components only. The chief components of this formula are badam oil, walnut oil, sunflower oil, sesame oil, peanut oil and mustard oil. These are some of the chief constituents of this herbal preparation. There are many more ingredients in the list.

How is Divya Tejus Tailum used?

Depending upon your specific requirements, you may use Divya Tejus Tailum. For skin care, you need to apply it on the areas where you need it specifically. Usually it is applied on the entire body while massaging gently but thoroughly. For hairs, it is to be applied deeply and thoroughly into your scalp and hairs. Most excellent results are obtainable from this oil provided it is used on regular basis.

How is Divya Tejus Tailum advantageous for the users?

Divya Tejus Tailum is advantageous for the users in multiple ways as discussed below.

  • The wonderful blend of some of the selected ingredients and herbs present in this oil help in promoting overall health and appearance of your skin.
  • It is a very good and in fact complete source of nourishment for the skin cells. You may improve overall health and beauty of your skin by using this oil.
  • By supplying all the requisite and essential nutrients to your skin, Divya Tejus Tailum allows all the parts of the skin to keep working normally and most optimally.
  • It supports most excellent skin functions.
  • The elasticity of the skin is improved. This feature proves to be beneficial for those suffering from looseness or sagging skin.
  • Numbers of skin diseases can be prevented with the use of this herbal oil regularly.
  • The skin gets completely and properly moisturized. This action proves to be of great help in managing the problem of dryness of the skin.
  • Any types of itching or irritation can be got ridden of very well using Divya Tejus Tailum. It soothes down your skin completely.
  • Burning sensation felt or caused on the skin due to any reasons is also relieved in an effective way.
  • You may get wonderfully and shining skin with the use of Divya Tejus Tailum. Hence you may boast off radiating and glowing skin.
  • Like skin Divya Tejus Tailum is also useful in improving and promoting good health and most optimal functions related to the hairs.
  • People suffering from any types of hair problems may use this oil and get rid of their respective problems.
  • Problem of hair loss, hair fall or split ends can be got ridden of and also prevented using this great herbal oil.
  • Divya Tejus Tailum is also useful for those who feel ashamed of dry and rough hairs. It is because this oil aids in making your hairs look shining and radiating too. The dryness and roughness is also got ridden of. It is possible by retaining natural moisture of the hairs.
  • Itching, irritation or such other discomforts on the scalp can also be managed in an effective way.


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