B-Gap Birth Control Pills – Contraceptive pill – Avoid unwanted pregnancy


Use B-Gap Tablet empty stomach morning with water, when menses closed. Avoid intercourse for seven days



What is the outcome of unprotected sex amid people of two opposite genders for prolonged time periods continuously? In most of the cases, it is conception and pregnancy in women. it is because when a couple gets engaged in unprotected sexual activity for long time then the eggs in female reproductive system get fertilized by the sperms discharged into the uterus by the male semen. However, sexual intercourse is not always performed from viewpoint of getting children. Generally, most people need to satisfy this lust so as to maintain normal body functions and good sexual health. Also it is important from point of view of good health of mental and emotional aspect of the human personality.

In order to prevent unwanted pregnancy, women use numbers of contraceptive products available in the market. There are pills, intrauterine devices or such other techniques by which unwanted pregnancy can be prevented. Sadly, all these are not safe and reliable modes of contraception. Most of these have certain side-effects on the overall health of the concerned women. In some cases, the normal functions of the sexual and reproductive systems may be interrupted totally and women may fall prey to numbers of issues related to their sexual and reproductive health.

In this respect, use of B-Gap contraceptive pills is preferable. It is an herbal formulation that can be used very easily by women. It helps in prevention of unwanted pregnancy in women so that the concerned women may be able to enjoy sexual intercourse fully well. It helps them to remain tension-free for around 6 months. It means women need to use this tablet only once in a period of six months. They can enjoy sexual act for six months without the need to use any contraceptive pills or tablets on daily basis.

How is B-Gap contraceptive pill manufactured?

Well, B-Gap contraceptive pill has been manufactured from herbal constituents only. It is done keeping in mind the safety of the concerned women in all manners possible. It is totally a reliable formula that helps women to enjoy sexual activity and good sexual health without experiencing any side-effects. The major components of this herbal formulation are as described below.

  • Ricinoos comoonis 25 mg
  • Chloride of sodium 2 mg
  • Bambusa arundinacea 10 mg
  • Berberis aristata 10 mg
  • Tinosporaa cordifolia 10mg

Since all these are totally herbal in their origin therefore these are all favourable for the overall health of the women. The final product obtained from a blend of these herbal constituents is also safe for women’s health in all respects.

What is the appropriate dosage?

Women desirous of avoiding and preventing pregnancy need to take one tablet of this herbal formula on 5th day of menstrual periods. It needs to be taken on an empty stomach by swallowing it with water. One tablet is enough to prevent unwanted pregnancy for six months.

What are the benefits of using B-Gap Contraceptive pills?

The major and most evident benefit of using B-Gap Contraceptive pill is prevention of uncalled for pregnancy even when sexual intercourse is performed in an unprotected way continuously. Apart from this, it is also useful for the relevant women in numbers of other ways as discussed below.

  1. It is an effective formula that can be used to prevent pregnancy in women as long as they wish to. And it is done in a totally safe manner without causing any side-effects on the overall health of women in any ways.
  2. Unplanned pregnancy can be very effectively avoided with the use of this product.
  3. Not only prevention of pregnancy but these pills also aid in normalizing and regulating menstrual cycles in women. It helps women to have normal menstruation without experiencing any pain or even other side-effects.
  4. Abdominal pain caused in women’s body during menstruation or after sexual intercourse is prevented with the use of this product.
  5. By using B-Gap contraceptive pills, women may remain stress-free about their weight. It means they may keep their weight under control even after using this product. In simple words, this contraceptive pill doesn’t cause any weight gain like other contraceptive products available in the market.
  6. Since it is totally a safe herbal formula therefore it may be used by women of all age groups. It can be used by all women irrespective of age to keep unwanted pregnancy at bay.
  7. This herbal product can be used by such women who wish to keep gap amid children. You may keep using this product as long as you wish to so as to avoid pregnancy. In case, you wish another child then you may give up using these tablets and conceive again.
  8. Normal functions of the sexual and reproductive systems are assured with the help of this wonderful ayurvedic formula.

B-Gap Contraceptive pill is a perfectly safe and reliable way to keep gap amid children and to avoid unwanted pregnancy.


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