Divya Rajah Pravartani Vati Herb for Irregular Menstruation

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RajahpravartaniDivya Rajahpravartani Vati is a top-rate product to get rid of abnormal menstrual cycles. Also it is capable of management of any types of sexual disorders or problematic reproduction.

What is Divya Rajahpravartani Vati?

As the name suggests, Divya Rajahpravartani Vati Herb for irregular menstruation is one of the most excellent herbal remedies that are aimed at relieving various discomforts suffered by women during menstruation. It means it is a natural treatment for irregular menstruation. Baba Ramdev along with his team of experts in the Patanjali pharmacy has very carefully prepared this fabulous herbal remedy so as to offer relief from menstrual pain quickly. Also it aims at preventing from the menstrual problems in a natural and safe way.

Why use of Divya Rajahpravartani Vati is preferable for women?

As we all know that all the herbal products or remedies from the Patanjali or Divya pharmacy of Baba Ramdev Ji are safe and organic in their origin therefore it is preferable over other products. Unlike other products available in the market for treatment of irregularities or other issues in menstrual cycles in women it is totally a safe and reliable formula. It is free of any harmful chemicals or toxins and hence doesn’t cause any harm to the body in anyways. Also it has been made available at easily affordable rates so as to assure its easy accessibility by the users.

Why is Divya Rajahpravartani Vati important for menstrual cycles in women?

Divya Rajahpravartani Vati finds relevance in regularizing menstrual cycles in women as it contains such elements or components that are being used since ancient times for promoting normal and most optimal functions of the sexual and reproductive organs in women.

What are the major constituents?

Keeping in mind the safety of users, Divya Rajahpravartani Vati has been prepared from some of the most excellent and selected herbs or such other organic components found in the nature. The major herbal constituents of this herbal preparation are as follows.

  • Kanya – Aloe vera
  • Kaseesa – Purified Blue Vitriole
  • Tankana – Borax
  • Ramatha – Asa foetida

All these ingredients are mixed together and then triturated with juice of aloe Vera so as to make a thick paste. This paste is then converted into tablet form. The tablets are dried and preserved to be used later on.

How to use?

For various types of menstrual issues and irregularities, it is advised to take one tablet of Divya Rajahpravartani Vati twice in a day. It is to be taken with lukewarm water. This remedy is to be used one week prior to commencement of menstrual cycles so as to pass through this phase in a pain-free manner.

How long does a pack last?

Since this herbal remedy is to be used for few days in a month therefore it may last for 3-4 months depending upon usage.

Divya Rajahpravartani Vati is chiefly meant to regularize and normalize the menstrual cycles in women. It helps in getting rid of any types of menstrual issues in women so that they may enjoy overall well-being. This product that has been very carefully prepared in the Patanjali or Divya pharmacy of Baba Ramdev Ji is useful in below-mentioned ways for the users.

  • Divya Rajahpravartani Vati helps in getting rid of any types of problems or discomforts suffered by women during menstrual periods.
  • It helps in bringing about normal balance amid various hormones that have an important role to play in menstrual cycles in women. This in turn assures normal and regular menstruation in women.
  • The sexual and reproductive organs and parts are nurtured well with the use of this amazing herbal preparation. This in turn optimizes functions of these organs in an apt way.
  • Various symptoms associated with premenstrual syndrome are relieved in an apt way with the use of this remedy. It helps in relieving pain in the abdomen, legs and lowers back so that women may be able to have normal menstrual cycles.
  • Similarly, headache and tenderness in the breasts which are experienced by women during menstrual cycles are also got ridden of.
  • Different types of menstrual disorders including oligomenorrhea, amenorrhea and dysmenorrheal are all treated in an apt way with the use of Divya Rajahpravartani Vati.
  • The menstrual cycles in women are regularized so that women may be able to reproduce normally without experiencing any problems.
  • Weakness that is chiefly caused due to anaemia in women during menstrual cycles is also managed well. It helps in controlling and preventing excessive blood loss which in turn cures this problem automatically.
  • Digestive issues that are faced by girls during menstruation are also soothed down.

Divya Rajahpravartani Vati is a natural mode of treatment and prevention of any types of menstrual problems faced by women. It is absolutely a risk-free formula.

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