Reasons behind Natural Remedies and Exercises Being Considered the Best Mental Stress Relief Cures

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best mental stress relief curesHuman life today is full furry, demands and expectation. All these have given birth to stress and tension hampering the normal life of a person. However; stress is not completely bad because within your comfort zone it helps you to perform the best under pressure enhancing motivation for the same. But; when this stress turns out to be overwhelming; it results into adverse effect hampering your mood, health, relationships and peace of life. When you live a stressed life; your nervous system is affected the most releasing stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. Physical damages like high blood pressure and serious heart disorders are a common outcome of stress. There are hundreds of stress relief pills available in the market; but before taking up any of them; it is necessary to understand the causes and symptoms of stress.

Causes breeding stress and anxiety

Stressors are defined as the situation or causes which lead to stress and tension in one’s life. These stressors can be divided into two categories: external and internal. The major internal causes leading to stress are chronic tension and worry, pessimism behavior and surrounding, too much of negative thinking, unrealistic expectation and imagination, lack of flexibility and a vague attitude; whereas the external stressors include major fluctuation in life situations, work tension at professional level, strenuous relationships, financial constraints, too much worry about the future of one’s child and family.

Symptoms arising from stress

Meeting a stress life for a minute once a week is okay but when the encounter with stress turns out to take place every day; your body face adverse problems affecting your regular and peaceful life. Body pain, heart disease, high blood pressure, digestive problems, sleeping disorders, depression, weight loss, loss of immunity from irregular diet, skin ailment like eczema; are some of the health problems arising from Stress. Evaluating the problems under different categories; a person faces memory problems, lack of concentration under cognitive symptoms; emotional symptoms include fluctuation of mood short temper, depression; behavioral symptoms include lack of sleep, too much addiction to alcohol and smoking and many more.

Natural remedies vs. inorganic medicines

When there is a problem; there is always a way to get rid of it and to find out the correct way; it is important first to keep your mind and body fit. To help you keep yourself healthy; various medicines are available claiming relief from stress and tension. Most of them being made from chemical compounds; are prone to side effects. It is always advisable to take up natural remedies. Natural and herbal medicines offer the best mental stress relief cures without causing any side effects.

Benefits of Home remedies and Exercise in stress management

Simple home remedies have also turned out to prove them best for stress management and cure. Drinking at least 3 cups of chamomile tea a day can keep the stress away. Chamomile contains 2 essential chemicals apigenin and luteolin which are excellent for relaxation. Omega -3s, lavender, L-lysine; all play essential role in keeping you stress and anxiety free. Before concluding; it shall be a big mistake not to take about exercise. Yes exercise is something which has been known since the Vedic age as the best mental stress relief cures. Take out 21 minutes from your busy schedule to perform some of the exercise beneficial for stress control and experience the difference.


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