Regulate and Normalize Menstruation with Divya Stri Rasayan Vati

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Divya Stri Rasayan VatiDivya Stri Rasayan Vati is a fantastic cure for almost all types of issues suffered by women during menstruation. It allows women to enjoy overall well-being in all respects by getting rid of different types of menstrual disorders.

What is Stri Rasayan Vati?

Stri Rasayan Vati for menstruation problem is a superb product that has been very carefully prepared from some of the selected herbs found in the nature. It is a pertinent solution for different types of problems experienced by women in relation to their monthly cycles or menstrual periods. Since it has been prepared from natural components or herbal constituents therefore it is totally safe for the women in all respects. It is one of the most excellent remedies for dysmenorrhoea. Other types of abnormalities or irregularities experienced by women in relation to their menstrual cycles are also got ridden of and prevented in a natural way with the help of Stri Rasayan Vati. It is useful for such women who complain of excessive and uncontrolled bleeding during menstruation. In fact, it is one of the best cures for heavy menstrual bleeding.

How is Stri Rasayan Vati useful in menstrual problems?

Divya Stri Rasayan Vati contains such herbal constituents that are useful in cure and prevention of different types of diseases, disorders or other issues experienced by women during menstrual cycles. Presence of such herbs such as Triphala, Amalaka, Bijabanda etc. make it useful and suitable for treatment and prevention of various disorders suffered by women during menstruation. That is why this amazing herbal preparation helps in normalizing and optimizing the functions associated with the sexual and reproductive parts and organs of women. In fact, it helps in regulation of these functions so that no problems may arise in the working mechanism of the same.

The normal hormonal balance is maintained in the body which in turn allows women to have regular and normal periods. This action is quite helpful in keeping numerous issues related to the menstruation at bay. The sexual and reproductive organs of women are nourished with all the essential nutrients so that these may keep on working normally. Also it helps in promoting good health of the sexual and reproductive organs in women.

Why should women prefer Stri Rasayan Vati?

The market is flooded with numerous medicines or other products that claim to treat the issues related to the menstrual cycles in women. However these medicines may not offer long lasting and permanent relief from these problems. That is why Stri Rasayan Vati is preferred over other products. It is safe and hence doesn’t cause any harm to the women’s body in any ways. It is suitable for all women irrespective of their age. It aids in treatment as well as prevention of the menstrual disorders faced by women. Also it is priced quite low so that women may afford it easily. It may be obtained from any of the Patanjali stores to promote overall well-being of their sexual and reproductive parts and organs.

How is Stri Rasayan Vati prepared?

The fantastic herbal formulation called as Stri Rasayan Vati is enriched with the goodness of herbal constituents including Seeds of Shivalingi, Parasa Pipala, Madhu-yasti, Putrahjivaka, Shveta Candana, Kamala, Daru-haridra, Vamsa-locana, Parvala Pishti, Naga Keshara, Ashvagandha, Deva-daru, Guggulu (pure), Shilajatu (mineral pitch), Shatavari, Triphala (collective name for Haritaki, Bibhitaki & Amalaki), Ambara-dhana, Bijabanda (seeds of Bala), Amalaka, Asoka, Mayura-piccha Bhasma etc. These herbs or natural components are being used since ancient times to treat various types of diseases or disorders related to the sexual or reproductive issues faced by women.

Mode of administration

To get relieved of various types of problems suffered by women in relation to menstruation, it is advised to take one tablet of Stri Rasayan Vati with lukewarm water two times in a day.


  • As the name suggests, Stri Rasayan Vati is primarily meant for women so as to regulate and normalize menstrual cycles.
  • The normal balance amid various sexual and reproductive hormones is maintained in the body of women so that no problems may arise in the relevant systems of women. This action is also useful in case of menstrual cycles.
    Irregularity of periods that is a common problem among young girls is also dealt with in an effective way using
  • Stri Rasayan Vati. It helps in regulation of the menstrual cycles so that women may not experience any related issues.
  • Various signs and symptoms of abnormal menstrual cycles are also relieved in an effective way using this herbal preparation. It is useful in getting rid of headache, backache, leg cramps, nausea and vomiting. It also helps in soothing down pain in the lower pelvis that may be experienced by women during menstruation.
  • Excessive blood flow during menstrual cycles is controlled.
  • It is equally useful in case of vaginal discharge in women.

Stri Rasayan Vati is an outstanding herbal remedy that allows women to have normal and easy menstruation.

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