To Have Best Digestion You Need To Have Perfect Day of Eating

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best herbal digestive treatmentStart your day with water from 6:30 am-7:00am- Most people does the mistake of drinking a cup of tea or coffee as the start-up drink in morning but you have to drink a glass of lukewarm water with lemon after you wake up. When you are sleeping then the body is not abstaining from food but water. Also, huge number of vitamins is also water soluble and so when you would start your day with a glass of water then it would possibly help in absorbing nutrients from food and so is the reason, called as the best herbal digestive treatment. Also, acidic content form lemon would balance the digestive tract and make done the nutrition absorption.

Short walk at 7 am- This is actually simplest solution to burn excessive fat from body. Here you can try out the jogging, jumping jacks or simple running as other options.

Breakfast time at 7:30 am– Experts says that the breakfast is the utter important meal of the day and so you have to pressure on the high nutrition side during the time. So, prefer having a glass of fat free milk, hard-boiled egg and a cup of yogurt as your breakfast. You can also stir some nuts in your oatmeal. Consuming fruits or fruit juices is also a nutritious option.

Water time at 9 am– Drinking several glasses of water throughout the day is utter important to keep the body hydrated but if you not having the height then you can make a routine of drinking a giant glass of water at 9 am.

Stretch and walk at 10 am– Get up and stretch and for that climbing stairs is a great option actually.

Small snack at 10:30 am- Eating every 3-4 hours is a great idea to keep the hunger pangs at bay.You has to try out best herbal digestive treatment, which you can have in form of nutritious diet that is not just low in calories but also would keep you full for longer time.

Lunch time from 1-1:30- You have to get a big bowl of rainbow salad. You can get started with dark and lefty veggies and incorporate protein and good fats, mix of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. You can actually make various changes in diet with incorporating high nutritious diet.

Afternoon snack at 4 pm– You needed a snack between lunch and dinner. Better plan is that it should be protein fiber mix. You can have a high fiber cereal or fresh fruits etc.

Workout time is between 6-7-You need to squeeze in some exercises at the evening. You can either go to the simple walking, swimming cycling or any of the simple exercise but spending some time in the gym is in fact not a bad idea as well.

Dinner time at 7:30 pm– Get start this meal with soup. Even experts says that when you would drink a cup of soup before dinner then would leave you eating less food that is a good idea for an ideal weight and excellent for the digestive health as well.


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