Untreated Diabetes Might Be Life-Threatening Issue

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Diabetes mellitus is a chronic condition which involves the insulin in blood system. When the body becomes unable to produce little or no insulin then the condition is called diabetes. Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes also came under the diabetes mellitus and these diseases of metabolic system metabolizing sugar using hormone insulin. Insulin works to help the cells to use the simple sugar glucose that is essential for growth, energy and repair. Gestational diabetes is another form of diabetes which develops in the pregnant women and also it is harmful for both mom and baby and required taking best medicine to control diabetes.



All types of diabetes have different symptoms and also have different complications too. In type 1 diabetes there is no insulin present to metabolize glucose and on the other hand in type 2 diabetes there is abnormally high glucose present in blood.  It is true the symptoms vary but here are some of the common symptoms of most of the forms of diabetes. Some of them are blurred vision, extreme thirst, excessive urination, weight loss, fatigue and wounds take comparatively more time to heal. In some rare cases, diabetes take place and even have no symptoms diagnosed That is why our health experts suggest us to go for regular checkups throughout the life time so that we can get the root of the problem and get rid of it at the right time.

What Studies Have to Say

A huge number of people around the world are facing the problem and so lots of studies have done over the diseases but a recent research conclude that a people who is suffering from diabetes may live about 8 years less as compared to those who are safe from the disease or using best medicine to control diabetes. This study has revealed that a person who is 50 year old can expect to live 8.5 years less on an average as compared to a 50 year person with no diabetes.

Some essential facts

The whole survey is done under the observation of team of experts who actually found that older adults with diabetes have lower life expectancy at every age compared with people having no diabetes. Those who have diabetes at the age of 60, manages to get the difference of about 5.4 years in the lives and at 90 this difference remains just 1 year.

The report concluded after making several studies done that in case you are in your older age and are suffering from diabetes have suffered from some other diseases too like depression, heart diseases and disabilities that make you unable to do normal activities in day today life while people who are free from diabetes also have lesser health problem. Even the survey said that the amount and percentage of adults over age 50 with diabetes are increased in past some decades. So, we should take steps to control the disease.



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